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American English: /əˈpɪnjən/
British English: /əˈpɪnjən/

Translation of opinion in Spanish:


  • 1 countable (belief) what's your opinion?
    ¿qué opinas?
    ¿qué te parece?
    ¿cuál es tu opinión or parecer?
    if I want your opinion, I'll ask for it
    cuando quiera saber tu opinión, te la pediré
    if you ask my opinion, I think it's ridiculous
    en mi opinión es ridículo
    I haven't had time to form an opinion
    no he tenido tiempo de formarme una opinión
    opinions differ
    hay diferentes opiniones al respecto
    a woman of strong opinions
    una mujer muy convencida de sus ideas
    she expressed the opinion that it was a mistake
    opinó que era un error
    to be of the opinion that …
    ser de la opinión or del parecer de que …
    Tim was of the same opinion
    Tim era de la misma opinión or del mismo parecer
    in my opinion
    en mi opinión
    a mi parecer
    a mi juicio
    in Freud's opinion
    según Freud
    en opinión de Freud [formal]
    that's a matter of opinion
    eso es discutible
    opinion on or about something
    opinión sobre or acerca de algo
    opinion of something/somebodywhat's your opinion of the plan/of Robinson?
    ¿qué opina del plan/de Robinson?
    ¿qué opinión le merece el plan/Robinson?
    to have a good or high/poor or low opinion of something/somebody
    tener buena/mala opinión de algo/alguien
    she held a very poor opinion of him
    no le merecía buena opinión
    no tenía buena opinión de él
    Example sentences
    • In fact, in my opinion, in the future you are either going to have to be very large or very small in this business.
    • In fact, in my opinion, the attitude of the authorities has simply worsened.
    • The two, in my opinion, aren't necessarily related in the short term.
  • 2 countable 2.1 (evaluation, judgment) professional/expert opinion
    opinión profesional/de un experto
    I'd like a second opinion
    me gustaría consultarlo con otro especialista
    Example sentences
    • They generally did not have a high opinion of the quality of audited financial statements issued by the balance of Bulgarian companies.
    • I didn't want to be honest with her as to my opinion of the quality of that statement, so I said nothing in reply.
    2.2 (Law)
    opinión (feminine)
    asesoría (feminine) legal
    to take counsel's opinion
    asesorarse con un abogado
    Example sentences
    • For all of these reasons, the plurality opinion is open to criticism.
    • In his sentencing opinion, Judge Moore said that to sentence him as an adult would mean giving up on the juvenile justice system.
    • It might be refreshing, though, to have a Supreme Court Justice who writes opinions with critical comments directed at himself.
  • 3 uncountable (of body of people) informed opinion has it that there is no danger of this happening
    la opinión de los entendidos en la materia es que no hay peligro de que esto ocurra
    opinion is moving away from the nuclear option
    el consenso de opinión está dejando de lado la opción nuclear
    literary opinion is divided
    la opinión del mundo literario está dividida
    this action has outraged liberal opinion
    este hecho ha indignado a los (que mantienen opiniones) liberales
    influential and opinion-forming articles
    artículos (masculine plural) influyentes y formadores de opinión
    Example sentences
    • The traditional view, and I'm sure the majority of opinion supports it, is that the Attorney-General does have a role.
    • It went through six printings in its first year, but its effect on majority opinion was, for many years to come, negligible.
    • The larger denomination coins and the notes are being spent but the vast majority of opinion regards them as having little spending power.
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