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American English: /ˈɔrdər/
British English: /ˈɔːdə/

Translation of order in Spanish:


  • 1 uncountable 1.1 (satisfactory arrangement, condition) let's get this room into some sort of order
    tratemos de ordenar un poco esta habitación
    I'm trying to put my affairs in order
    estoy tratando de poner mis asuntos en orden or de arreglar mis asuntos
    are her papers in order?
    ¿tiene los papeles en regla?
    the car was in perfect working order
    el coche funcionaba perfectamente bien
    Example sentences
    • The Victorians brought order to everything - scientific research included.
    • Thousands of commuters faced the prospect of trying to get home as the initial chaos gave way to some semblance of order by mid-afternoon.
    • One day I'll reorganise the sections into some semblance of order.
    Example sentences
    • The field was in good order but the damp conditions hampered the accuracy of the passing between sides.
    • When my room was in perfect order and everything was exactly how I wanted it we left the room.
    • Paramount has done a fine job at making sure that everything is in working order in this picture.
    1.2 (customary state) the established order
    el orden establecido
    it's in the order of things for difficulties to arise
    es normal que surjan dificultades
    1.3 (formation) (Aviation, Military)
  • 2 uncountable (sequence) they are arranged in strict alphabetical/numerical/chronological order
    están colocados en or por riguroso orden alfabético/numérico/cronológico
    the photos were all in the wrong order
    las fotos estaban todas desordenadas
    to put something in(to) order
    poner algo en orden
    ordenar algo
    cast in order of appearance order of business
    Example sentences
    • Dignitaries were seated in alphabetical order, according to their countries.
    • The names are in alphabetical order and first, second and third places will be announced on the night of the ceremony.
    • If there are no children and no spouse then parents, brothers and sisters, and more distant relatives roughly in that order will benefit.
  • 3 uncountable (harmony, discipline) to restore order
    restablecer el orden
    to keep order the teacher had problems keeping order or keeping his class in order
    el profesor tenía dificultades para mantener la disciplina en clase
    order in (the) court!
    ¡silencio en la sala!
    to call somebody to order
    llamar a alguien al orden
    Example sentences
    • As long as the public identifies order with law, it will believe that an orderly society is impossible without the law the state provides.
    • Because once the law goes order collapses and the rule of the gun or the bully prevails.
    • To maintain public order, the authorities instituted a regular, salaried police force.
  • 4 uncountable (established rules, procedure) point of order
    cuestión (feminine) de orden or de procedimiento
    to call a meeting to order
    (start) empezar una reunión
    (resume) reanudar una reunión
  • 5 countable 5.1 (request) to place an order for something
    hacer un pedido de algo
    encargar algo
    I placed an order with her for two cakes
    le encargué dos pasteles
    the firm secured a major order
    la empresa consiguió un pedido importante
    we're taking orders for or on the new model
    estamos recibiendo pedidos para el nuevo modelo
    the books are on order
    los libros están pedidos
    we make them to order
    los hacemos por encargo
    the waiter took my order
    el camarero tomó nota de lo que quería
    a tall order40 pages by tomorrow? that's rather a tall order, isn't it?
    ¿40 páginas para mañana? eso es mucho pedir ¿no?
    it's a bit of a tall order, but I'll see what I can do
    es algo difícil, pero veré qué puedo hacer
    order number
    número (masculine) de referencia (de formulario de pedido)
    Example sentences
    • Once you're seated, the waitress promptly takes your order and then serves the dish.
    • The waitress wrote down the orders and left with a smile on her face.
    • In the last week it has won orders worth more than £300,000.
    5.2 (goods requested)
    Example sentences
    • Customer service is also rated a top priority, with the company aiming to deliver 90 per cent of orders by the next day.
    • I left the house in time to prepare the orders and get them delivered.
    • After a tiring morning I come home and find that my postman had delivered my recent order from Amazon.
  • 6 countable 6.1 (command) to give/issue an order
    dar/dictar una orden
    to receive/await orders
    recibir/esperar órdenes
    to carry out an order
    cumplir una orden
    to obey/disobey an order
    obedecer/desobedecer una orden
    I was only obeying orders
    solo cumplía órdenes
    that's an order!
    ¡es una orden!
    I don't take orders from anyone
    a mí nadie me da órdenes
    orders are orders
    órdenes son órdenes
    order to + infinitive
    orden de + inf
    he gave the order to fire
    dio orden de disparar
    order that
    orden de que followed by subjunctive
    I left orders that she was not to be disturbed
    dejé órdenes de que no se la molestara
    I did it on your orders
    lo hice porque usted me lo ordenó
    on whose orders are you doing this?
    ¿quién le ordenó hacer esto?
    by order of …
    por orden de …
    we're under orders to arrest you
    tenemos orden de detenerlo
    to get one's marching orders [colloquial]
    ser despedido
    she got her marching orders for turning up late
    la despidieron por llegar tarde
    la pusieron de patitas en la calle por llegar tarde [colloquial]
    his girlfriend gave him his marching orders
    su novia lo plantó [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Nobody likes taking orders or advice from others.
    • The commander bellowed the orders and the men rushed to do the his bidding.
    • Once they were airborne, James turned on his radio to receive any last minute instructions or orders.
    6.2 (court decree) (Law) to issue an order
    dictar or evacuar una orden
    see alsoorder of the day
    Example sentences
    • A High Court judge made an order which will result in the twins being returned to Missouri in the United States where they were born.
    • They were released from custody over the weekend on the orders of a District Judge at Manchester Magistrates Court.
    • He was acquitted on the orders of a judge on the grounds of insufficient evidence.
  • 7 uncountable (instructions to pay) (Finance) pay to the order of John Smith
    páguese a la orden de John Smith
    (before noun) order cheque (British) see alsopostal order, → standing order etc
    Example sentences
    • The clearing banks' role in the payment and collection of cheques and other payment orders is directly related to one of their main activities, namely the maintenance of current accounts.
    • He was held to be in breach of fiduciary duty when he misappropriated funds from the company's bank account by fraudulently altering the name of the payee on a payment order addressed to the bank.
  • 8 countable 8.1 (kind, class) the lower orders of society
    las clases bajas
    we received praise of the highest order
    recibimos grandes elogios
    a performance of the first order
    una interpretación de primera clase
    a fool of the first order
    un tonto de marca mayor
    8.2 (Biology)
    Example sentences
    • Genera are the smallest basic groups of related species; higher up on the taxonomic ladder, orders encompass hundreds of genera.
    • This epoch is characterized by the appearance of all of the presently existing orders and families, and many of the existing genera of mammals.
    • There are approximately 650 to 700 extant species of cephalopods in two subclasses and five orders.
  • 9 countable 9.1 (of monks, nuns)
    Example sentences
    • With the exception of some religious orders in which monks vow to live in solitude, most of us need other people to add texture to our lives.
    • Among the religious orders, only the friars had a vocation that by its very nature embraced the seriously poor and, indeed, the utterly destitute in the regular course of events.
    • Luxembourg has also traditionally been the home of a great number of convents and religious orders, a number that has dwindled since the last century.
    9.2 (fraternity, society) an order of knighthood
    una orden de caballería
    Example sentences
    • An important political component of the post-war order was the United Nations.
    • There is a real revolutionary process under way, aiming to overturn the existing political and economic order.
    • It is rather a political order which supports the survival of weak states.
    Example sentences
    • The military orders, and the knights under King John put up a valiant defense and saved what they could of the army.
    • Only the strong leadership of John and the military orders saved the army at all; even so, thousands died that day
    • Feudalism was abolished along with the Inquisition and the Church's military orders, and two-thirds of monasteries and convents were dissolved.
    9.3 (insignia)
  • 10
    also: orders plural
    (Religion) to take (holy) orders
    recibir las órdenes (sagradas)
    ordenarse sacerdote
    to be in (holy) orders
    ser sacerdote
    major/minor orders
    órdenes mayores/menores
    Example sentences
    • After taking orders in 1782, he became the perpetual curate of Barton-under-Needwood in 1783.
    • He was educated at Cambridge, took priest's orders, and became known as a preacher.
    • He became a monk and may have taken deacon's orders.
  • 11 (Architecture) the Doric/Ionic order
    el orden dórico/iónico
    Example sentences
    • Work out for yourself the differences between Corinthian, Ionic and Doric orders.
    • The Pantheon in Rome is an ideal case study for understanding classical space, orders, composition, light, and character.
    • The interior of Syon Hall has a Doric order with high attic and flat-beamed ceiling.
  • 12 (in phrases) in orderis your bedroom in order?
    ¿tu cuarto está ordenado or en orden?
    is everything in order for tomorrow's performance?
    ¿está todo dispuesto para la función de mañana?
    would it be in order for me to attend?
    ¿habría algún inconveniente en que yo asistiera?
    an apology would seem to be in order
    parecería que lo indicado sería disculparse
    celebrations are in order
    esto hay que celebrarlo
    in order to in order to save time in order that
    para que followed by subjunctive
    in short order on or (British) in the order ofit cost something on the order of $100
    costó alrededor de 100 dólares
    el costo fue del orden de 100 dólares
    she's not a singer of the order of Ella Duncan
    no es una cantante del calibre de Ella Duncan
    of or on the order of
    del calibre de
    out of order
    (not in sequence) desordenado
    out of order (uncalled-for, not following procedure) that remark was out of order
    ese comentario estuvo fuera de lugar
    you were out of order asking her where she was going
    estuviste mal en preguntarle adónde iba
    would I be out of order in calling for an inquiry?
    ¿sería improcedente que solicitara que se haga una investigación?

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (command)
    to order somebody to + infinitive
    ordenarle a alguien que followed by subjunctive
    I was ordered to leave
    me ordenaron que me fuera
    to order something (to be) done
    ordenar que se haga algo
    to order that
    ordenar que + subjunctive
    she ordered that it be done straight away
    ordenó que se hiciera enseguida
    he ordered me out of the room
    me ordenó or me mandó salir de la habitación
    Example sentences
    • He was taken before a judge last Thursday who ordered that he be held in custody.
    • The judge ordered that he and his family be placed in a witness protection programme.
    • Officers will have the power to order gangs of yobs to disperse or face arrest.
    1.2 (Medicine) the doctor ordered a course of antibiotics
    la médica le recetó or le mandó unos antibióticos
    he ordered complete rest
    le mandó hacer reposo absoluto
  • 2 (request)
    to order a taxi
    llamar un taxi
    can you order me a copy?
    ¿me puede pedir or encargar un ejemplar?
    they ordered 200 monitors from a German firm
    hicieron un pedido de or encargaron 200 monitores a una compañía alemana
    Example sentences
    • I almost always order a grilled sole served with green beans or spinach.
    • She ordered the lobster, crab and prawn terrine.
    • He likes to be able to get by in new countries, and where better to start than to learn how to order drinks in bars?
  • 3 (put in order)
    poner en orden
    Example sentences
    • In fact one of the characteristics of Dietrich as a thinker is the systematic way in which he not only orders his thoughts but his treatises as well.
    • Jenny admits that with two small children, she has to order her time very carefully.
    • I have to order my notes once, twice, three times before I can start actually using them.

intransitive verb

  • (in restaurant) are you ready to order?
    ¿ya han decidido qué van a tomar or pedir?

Phrasal verbs

order around

(British also) order about verb + object + adverb
mandonear [colloquial]
he's always ordering people around
siempre anda mandoneando [colloquial]
stop ordering me around
deja de mandonearme [colloquial]
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