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Pronunciation: /ˈɔːrgən; ˈɔːgən/


  • 1 [Anat] órgano (m) the vital organs los órganos vitales speech/visual organs órganos del habla/de la vista (male) organ [frml or euph] miembro (m) viril [frml or euf], órgano (m) [eufemismo/euphemism] (before n) organ transplant transplante (m) de órgano
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    • An abscess on an internal organ such as the liver or brain may be diagnosed by X-ray or scanning.
    • In only specific organs is a biopsy recommended without there being an identifiable lump.
    • If you want to have specific organs donated, will doctors remove anything else?
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    • Brain organs which were used got bigger and those which were not used shrunk, causing the skull to rise and fall with organ development.
  • 2 2.1 (agency) organismo (m) 2.2 (mouthpiece) órgano (m) the organ of the Nationalist Party el órgano del Partido Nacionalista
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    • It was ridiculous to see in this country how some of the leading media organs campaigned for press censorship.
    • The party organ had been in the news these days for all the wrong reasons.
    • He was an editorial writer for the Central Daily News, the chief organ of the ruling Nationalist Party.
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    • Is it a state of affairs where free speech is suppressed by the organs of the State?
    • These organs of the global economy are likewise members of the United Nations family.
    • The Fascist Party and its organs were dissolved amid popular celebration.
  • 3 [Mus] órgano (m) (before n) organ gallery o loft galería (f) del órgano organ pipe tubo (m) de órgano organ stop registro (m) de órgano
    More example sentences
    • The sounds of the organ and the choir used to mesmerize the faithful in those days.
    • The mass is sung by a vocal ensemble of six solo voices doubled by six instruments with organ.
    • The organ sounded from the front of the church, the rich tones bringing me out of my reverie.
    More example sentences
    • It is a song of hope and justice. Use percussion and guitars rather than an organ or piano.
    • The atmosphere is created mostly with pianos and organs, less so the strings of the past few albums.
    • Somehow an organ and a drum kit can sound like Venus' doors swooping wide.

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