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American English: /aʊtˈsaɪd/
British English: /aʊtˈsʌɪd/

Translation of outside in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (exterior part)
    (surface) parte (feminine) de fuera
    parte (feminine) de afuera (esp Latin America)
    the house looks really nice from the outside
    la casa parece muy bonita vista desde (a)fuera
    on the outside she appeared very calm
    aparentemente estaba muy tranquila
    por fuera parecía muy tranquila
    Example sentences
    • The inside was just about as nice looking as the outside for a police building.
    • The outsides of buildings are horrible facades of doom and brimstone and that gunky stuff that forms in your eye when you're sleepy.
    • A pair of peak-like chicken croquettes drizzled in yellow giblet gravy have extra-crunchy outsides and smooth white-meat insides.
    1.2 (of racetrack)
    (parte más alejada del centro)
    (of road) he overtook me on the outside
    me adelantó por la izquierda
    (in UK etc) me adelantó por la derecha
    Example sentences
    • With this loop you cannot tell which side is the inside and which is the outside.
  • 2the outside 2.1 (of group, organization) we feel very much on the outside of everything
    nos sentimos excluidos de todo
    to be on the outside looking in
    ser un mero espectador
    seen from the outside
    visto desde fuera
    visto desde afuera (esp Latin America)
    2.2 (of prison) [colloquial]
    afuera (esp Latin America)
    he's got a friend on the outside
    tiene un amigo (a)fuera
    Example sentences
    • He answered that it was only the outside which appeared different; people were the same everywhere.
    • I'll remember how she was even more beautiful on the inside than the outside.
  • 3at the (very) outside
    como máximo
    como mucho
    a lo sumo
    he can't be more than 40 at the outside
    tendrá como máximo or como mucho or a lo sumo 40 años


  • 1 (place)
    afuera (esp Latin America)
    wait outside
    espere (a)fuera
    Example sentences
    • He was running towards a little boy outside an open door, down the hall.
    • The crowd was now situated right outside her door, with the Duke's coach not too far away.
    • The outside world usually stays outside or confined neatly in the TV box in the corner.
  • 2 (outdoors)
    afuera (esp Latin America)
    what's it like outside?
    ¿qué tiempo hace (a)fuera?
  • 3 (indicating movement) to run outside
    salir corriendo
    if you'd like to step outside
    si me hace el favor de salir un momento


(of a place)
  • 1 outside the boundary
    fuera de los límites
    you wear the blouse outside the skirt
    la blusa se lleva por fuera (de la falda)
    outside the USA
    fuera de Estados Unidos
    it's just outside London
    está en las afueras de Londres
    it's five miles outside Oxford
    está a cinco millas de Oxford
    he was waiting outside the door
    estaba esperando en la puerta
    I'll see you outside the theater
    te veo en la puerta del teatro
  • 2 (beyond) little known outside literary circles
    poco conocido fuera de los círculos literarios
    it's outside my price range
    está fuera de mi presupuesto
    sex outside marriage
    relaciones (feminine plural) sexuales extramatrimoniales or fuera del matrimonio
    he has few interests outside his family
    aparte de su familia or fuera de su familia, tiene pocos intereses
    it's outside my responsibilities
    no está dentro de mis responsabilidades
  • 3 (in time) outside office hours
    fuera del horario de oficina
    only 2 seconds outside the world record
    solo a 2 segundos del récord mundial

adjective before noun

  • 1 1.1 (exterior, outward)
    Example sentences
    • Neither of its outside surfaces had touched anything but air during its creation.
    • The outside surface is polished nicely to give a classy look to a very practical tool.
    • Is an ear part of the inside or the outside of a body, and how can we distinguish its own inside and outside surfaces?
    1.2 (outdoor)
    fuera de la vivienda
    (swimming pool)
    al aire libre
    1.3 (outer)
    the outside lane
    la calle número ocho ( or seis etc. )
    el carril número ocho ( or seis etc. ) (Andes) (Venezuela)
    (Motor Vehicles)
    el carril de la izquierda
    la pista de la izquierda (Chile)
    la senda de la izquierda (Uruguay)
    (in UK etc) el carril or la pista etc. de la derecha
    Example sentences
    • Baxendell is still one of the most talented outside centres in the country.
    • Skipper Andy Baggett moves to outside centre, with Chris Malherbe on the left wing.
    • That last reference was perhaps a hint that Townsend will be given a game at outside centre to recover his confidence and form.
    1.4 (external)
    it would be prudent to get an outside opinion
    sería prudente buscar una opinión independiente
    the outside world
    el mundo exterior
    outside examiner
    examinador externo
    examinadora externa (masculine, feminine)
    Example sentences
    • At the moment, highways maintenance is carried out by a mix of the council's own teams and outside contractors.
    • But Mr Blyth stressed it was a mistake by the outside contractors who printed the ballot forms.
    • There is abundant evidence that reveals the resistance to outside control that exists within the universities.
  • 2 (remote)
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