Translation of oven in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈʌvən/


  • 1.1 [Cookery/Cocina] horno (masculine) gas oven horno de or a gas oven baked hecho al horno, horneado it's like an oven in here! [colloquial/familiar] ¡esto es un horno! [colloquial/familiar] to have a bun in the oven [slang/argot] estar* embarazada, venir* con premio [colloquial, humorous/familiar, humorístico] (before noun/delante del nombre) oven dish fuente (masculine) de horno oven glove o mitt guante (m) or manopla (f) para el horno oven rack o shelf parrilla (feminine) de horno oven-to-table ware vajilla (feminine) que puede llevarse del horno a la mesa oven tray bandeja (f) or placa (f) or (in River Plate area also/en Río de la Plata también) chapa (feminine) or (Andes) lata (feminine) de hornear
    More example sentences
    • Most homeowners were left without basic living means after central heating, cookers, ovens, house alarms and telephones were damaged beyond use by the fault.
    • The versatility of the cuisine and the custom of cooking in community ovens or tandoors have entered the homes of many communities.
    • There is a range of integrated appliances including an oven, cooker and four-ring ceramic hob.
    1.2 (furnace) horno (masculine)
    More example sentences
    • Since the pieces are still quite moist, they must be dried in large ovens, called kilns, before they become hard enough to be packed.
    • The site contains several scheduled monuments, including beehive coking ovens, calcining kilns, blowing engine houses, and a unique lift tower which was used to transport material to the top of the furnaces.
    • The following day, the coke ovens and one blast furnace were reported to have collapsed due to low temperatures and the absence of maintenance staff.

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