There are 3 translations of overnight in Spanish:



/ˌəʊvərˈnaɪt; ˌəʊvəˈnaɪt/
  • 1.1 (through the night) to stay overnight quedarse a pasar la noche, hacer* noche we'll travel overnight viajaremos durante la noche there had been a heavy fall of snow overnight durante la noche había nevado mucho soak the chickpeas overnight ponga los garbanzos en remojo la noche anterior 1.2 (suddenly) [change/disappear] de la noche a la mañana
    More example sentences
    • Men and women will mature quickly, almost overnight, but not for thirty years.
    • The strict regime of the marriage vows broke my marriage and my husband became a person who seemed to change overnight.
    • She had heard about growing good at things quickly, but overnight?

Definition of overnight in:

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There are 3 translations of overnight in Spanish:



/ˈəʊvənaɪt; ˈəʊvənaɪt/
  • 1.1 (through the night) [journey] de noche; [stay] de una noche we made an overnight stop in London paramos una noche en Londres, hicimos noche en Londres
    More example sentences
    • One is the disbursement of about $3,500 for a trip to Houston with overnight accommodation.
    • And around 64 per cent of all visitors stayed in overnight accommodation while enjoying the musical delights on offer.
    • In 2002, 4.6 million tourists visited the country and stayed in overnight accommodation.
    1.2 (sudden) [change/success] repentino she became an overnight sensation de la noche a la mañana, empezó a causar sensación
    More example sentences
    • You will not become an overnight success, an instant millionaire or an Oscar winning actor.
    • The wealth scale is off the charts: instant wealth; overnight wealth.
    • It's been 25 years and it's been slow, not instant, overnight stuff.

Definition of overnight in:

There are 3 translations of overnight in Spanish:



/ˌəʊvərˈnaɪt; ˌəʊvəˈnaɪt/
  • (convey at night) (American English/inglés norteamericano) transportar durante la noche


/ˌəʊvərˈnaɪt; ˌəʊvəˈnaɪt/
  • (stay for the night) pasar la noche, hacer* noche, pernoctar [formal]
    More example sentences
    • Last night, two people overnighted in accident and emergency and on Sunday, there was a spillover of 12 there.
    • Referring to the location he wrote: ‘It is bizarre… you can't help wondering who in their right minds would want to stay here, other than businessman overnighting in Bedfordshire.’
    • Mattresses were for sitting on during the day and sleeping on at night, since there were no lodges or hotels for overnighting.
    More example sentences
    • Each weekly issue is published late Tuesday night, and orders can be overnighted Wednesday morning to ensure arrival for Friday or Saturday night shows.
    • But from what I'm seeing on the web, he seems to be a rather interesting fellow… And his publicist is overnighting me a DVD of his, so that should educational.
    • They're overnighting it to me here in Philadelphia.

Definition of overnight in: