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pack 1

American English: /pæk/
British English: /pak/


  • 1 countable
    (bundle, load) fardo (masculine)
    Example sentences
    • And now that you're carrying half the weight, why use a seven-pound backpack when a three-pound pack is fine?
    • When a person carries a loaded backpack, the pack too moves up and down the same distance at the same time.
    • While the knife is designed for tactical backup, there's nothing that says you can't stick it in a backpack or hunting pack.
    Example sentences
    • When your entry fee is received you will be sent an information pack confirming your venue for the first round and giving you lots of details about Westport and this great event.
    • For classes, some books go on reserve, some materials go into course packs, and some copied excerpts are handed out in class.
    • These are now planning public meetings, mass leafleting, education packs and street stalls to let as many people as possible know about the upcoming protests and events.
  • 2 countable 2.1 (packet, package) a pack of cigarettes (esp US)
    un paquete or una cajetilla de cigarrillos
    una cajilla de cigarrillos (Río de la Plata)
    you can buy a starter pack for £549
    te puedes comprar el equipo básico por 549 libras
    teaching pack
    material (masculine) para el profesor (para la enseñanza de un tema)
    Example sentences
    • Julie handed me a large piece of paper divided into four parts and a pack of pencil crayons.
    • I picked up a battery charger and a pack of rechargeable AAA batteries.
    • And guess how much a pack of 10 chicken wings costs in here?
    2.2 (British) (of cards)
    baraja (feminine)
    mazo (masculine) (de naipes or cartas) (esp Latin America)
  • 3 countable 3.1 (of animals)a pack of wolves
    una manada de lobos
    a pack of hounds (Sport)
    una jauría
    to run with the pack
    seguir la corriente
    3.2 (in race) 3.3 (in rugby)
    delanteros (masculine plural)
    Example sentences
    • The forward packs from both teams appear to be where the strength lies.
    • A forward from the pack should lead the team and spur them on.
    • It's easy to make parallels between the back rows but really a back row is only as good as the forward pack in front of it.
  • 4 countable (group, collection) [derogatory]
    partida (feminine) [derogatory]
    panda (feminine) [derogatory]
    manga (feminine) (Southern Cone) [colloquial] [derogatory]
    a pack of thieves/incompetents
    una partida de ladrones/de incompetentes [derogatory]
    una manga de ladrones/de incompetentes (Southern Cone) [colloquial] [derogatory]
    a pack of lies
    Example sentences
    • Eriksson might have been wise during that press conference to have reminded the assembled pack of an old saying: those who shout loudest often have the least to say.
    • Suddenly there is a commotion - a pack of motorcycles.
    • Padlin stumbled into the pack of bettors clustered at the waist-high fence.
  • 5 countable 5.1 (compress)
    Example sentences
    • Frostbite is a recognized danger of the use of cold packs of ice therapy for sports injuries and soft tissue trauma.
    • They are often painful, and you may wish to apply a cold pack straight after the injury.
    • Benign interventions include hot and cold packs, bandages, canes, lotions, vitamins and nutritional supplements.
    5.2 (cosmetic)

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (Business) (goods/products)
    (put into container) envasar
    (make packets with) empaquetar
    (for transport) embalar
    Example sentences
    • Katelyn walked into her room, sitting down on her bed and watching Mary pack her small pink backpack with clothes to wear while over at the Hayes.
    • Should we be stocking up on water and packing an evacuation bag?
    • Maybe I should pack my bag and grab the next flight north.
    Example sentences
    • Sharon and Jane say they would normally suggest putting items into storage or packing them away in readiness for moving house.
    • Dry them before you pack them into their containers or plastic bag and then put them in your luggage.
    • His daily tasks include sorting out orders, packing the goods and transporting them to customers.
    1.2 (put into suitcase, bag)the goods are packed ready for shipping
    las mercancías están embaladas y listas para ser despachadas
    I worked packing toys
    trabajé embalando juguetes
    I packed my clothes and left
    hice la maleta y me fui
    hice la valija y me fui (Río de la Plata)
    empaqué (mi ropa) y me fui (Latin America)
    have you packed your toothbrush?
    ¿llevas el cepillo de dientes?
    I packed the kids' lunches
    preparé el almuerzo de los niños (para llevar al colegio etc)
    preparé la comida de los niños (para llevar al colegio etc) (Spain) (Mexico)
    1.3 (fill)have you packed your suitcase yet?
    ¿ya has hecho la maleta?
    ¿ya has hecho la valija? (Río de la Plata)
    ¿ya has empacado? (Latin America)
    she threatened to pack her bags unless …
    amenazó con irse ( or dejarlo etc. ) si no …
  • 2 2.1 (press tightly together)pack the soil (down) firmly
    apisone bien la tierra
    to pack something into somethingyou certainly packed a lot into your vacation
    no cabe duda de que aprovechaste bien las vacaciones
    2.2 (cram full)pack the gaps tightly
    rellena bien los huecos
    the play packed the theater for months
    la obra llenó or abarrotó el teatro durante meses
    the hall was packed with people
    la sala estaba atestada or abarrotada de gente
  • 3 (carry, possess) [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • The final line-up for this year's Grassington Festival has been completed and is jammed packed with great entertainment for all.
    • The next few weeks in Kilcoo will be jammed packed with activities and events to suit all tastes.
    • For me though, this weekend was more notable for being packed with stuff that I didn't go to, and didn't miss.
    Example sentences
    • Besides the well worn dusty cowboy boots he was also packing a gun under his green T-shirt.
    • Most of the CCW pistol packers I know, who pack daily, are the ones who need something stiff in their pocket to remind them of days gone by while they lust for the chance to save the day.

intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (fill suitcase)
    hacer las maletas
    hacer las valijas (Río de la Plata)
    1.2 (object)the books packed neatly into the box
    los libros cupieron muy bien en la caja
    the table packs flat for storage
    la mesa se puede guardar totalmente plegada
    send 1 2
  • 2 (squeeze)to pack into somethingthe crowd packed into the station
    el gentío se apiñó en la estación
    we can't all pack into one car
    no nos podemos meter todos en un coche

Phrasal verbs

pack away

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
(for storage) (clothes)
(for transport) (equipment)
I packed my winter clothes away in a trunk
guardé la ropa de invierno en un baúl

pack down

verb + adverb
formar la melé or el scrum

pack in

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
1 (quit) [colloquial]
I'm going to pack in smoking
voy a dejar de fumar
she wants to pack in university
quiere dejar la carrera
quiere plantar la carrera [colloquial]
pack it in!
¡para ya! [colloquial]
¡ya párale! (Mexico) [colloquial]
¡terminala! (Río de la Plata) [colloquial]
¡ya córtala! (Chile) [colloquial]
I'm packing it in for today
ya basta por hoy
2 2.1 (cram in) we managed to pack in 50 people
pudimos meter a 50 personas
we were only there for a weekend, but we packed a lot in
solo estuvimos un fin de semana pero hicimos un montón de cosas [colloquial]
we can't pack anybody else in
ya no podemos meter a nadie más
2.2 (draw)
atraer a
the movie's packing them in
la película es un éxito de taquilla

pack off

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
she packed the children off to school
mandó a los niños al colegio

pack out

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object (British)
llenar de bote en bote
the theater was packed out
el teatro estaba de bote en bote or estaba repleto

pack up

1verb + adverb 1.1 (assemble belongings) 1.2 (stop) [colloquial]let's pack up for the day
dejémoslo por hoy
1.3 (break down) [colloquial] (motor/radio)
dejar de funcionar
descomponerse (esp Latin America)
tronarse (Mexico) [colloquial]
the batteries packed up at the crucial moment
se acabaron las pilas en el momento crucial
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 2.1
pack up your belongings
recoge tus bártulos
2.2pack in 1
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There are 2 entries that translate pack into Spanish:

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pack 2

American English: /pæk/
British English: /pak/

transitive verb

  • (fill with sympathizers) to pack a jury
    formar un jurado tendencioso
    Example sentences
    • Franklin Roosevelt wanted to pack the Court with New Dealers who would uphold his legislative program.
    • We would have worked to secure the positions of chair and secretary and tried to pack the committee with political supporters - that is, if we had any.
    • There are bound to be mixed feelings about the change from an independent CHC to a local-authority committee which is packed with politicians.
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