There are 2 translations of panic in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈpænɪk/


  • 1 u c (fear, anxiety) pánico (m) there was widespread panic on world financial markets cundió el pánico en los mercados financieros del mundo people fled in panic la gente huyó, despavorida or presa del pánico keep calm, don't get into a panic calma, no te dejes llevar por el pánico when the lights went out, the whole crowd was thrown into a panic cuando se apagaron las luces, cundió el pánico entre la gente the announcement spread panic among the shoppers el anuncio sembró el pánico entre la gente que se encontraba en la tienda (before n) the strike led to panic food-buying la gente se asustó con la huelga y se lanzó a comprar alimentos panic measure medida (f) de emergencia (en situaciones de pánico) that was a typical panic reaction esa fue una reacción típica de un momento de pánico it was panic stations [colloquial/familiar] reinaba el pánico
    More example sentences
    • So now here I am, full of fear and panic and anxiety once again.
    • Anxiety symptoms were also high, with 64% reporting symptoms of fear, panic or anxiety.
    • But it is far more likely that you would be affected by fear and panic than a terrorist weapon.
  • 2 c (funny person, thing) (AmE) [colloquial/familiar] he/the show is a panic él/el espectáculo es divertidísimo or comiquísimo, él/el espectáculo es un plato (AmL) [familiar/colloquial]

Definition of panic in:

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There are 2 translations of panic in Spanish:


vi (-ck-)

  • dejarse llevar por el pánico he panicked and jumped out of the window presa del pánico, se tiró por la ventana he panicked and pressed the alarm bell le entró el pánico y apretó la alarma don't panic! ¡tranquilo!, ¡cálmate! calm down, there's no need to panic calma, no hay por qué alarmarse
    More example sentences
    • It was crowded and I started panicking and feeling faint.
    • The crowd panicked and some jumped into a well to be crushed by those jumping after them.
    • Oh, to be sure, there are always folks who panic, or loot.

vt (-ck-)

  • infundirle pánico ato panic sb into sth we were panicked into a hasty decision lo que nos dijeron ( or lo que leímos etc) nos infundió pánico y tomamos una decisión precipitada
    More example sentences
    • The only goal came in the 25th minute when Crouch's knock-down panicked Scharner into reckless contact with Owen a yard inside the area.
    • They will also realise, no matter how long it takes, that they will not panic London into submission, nor will their ultimate aims succeed.
    • There were a number of options on the table, some of which were attractive, but the manager says he will not be panicked into making a decision until the future becomes clear.

Definition of panic in: