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Pronunciation: /ˈpærəlel/


  • 1 1.1 [streets/rows] paralelo parallel lines rectas (feminine plural) paralelas parallel to sth paralelo a algo the road runs parallel to the state border la carretera va or corre (en dirección) paralela a la frontera del estado a parallel text edition una edición bilingüe
    More example sentences
    • The parabola results when the plane is parallel to a generating line of the cone.
    • The lines midway between parallel sides of the hexagon also form a triangle.
    • In the other case, the sides of the hexagon are parallel to the sides of the given triangle.
    1.2 (similar) paralelo, análogo
    More example sentences
    • Although once synonymous with the German New Wave of the early 1970s, Wenders has enjoyed a long parallel career in American cinema and divided his time between Berlin and Hollywood.
    • Lovecraft based a parallel Massachusetts on the existing one.
    • The phasic and tonic crayfish claw closer neurons have similar sized somata and parallel dendritic branching.
  • 3 3.1 [Computing/Informática] en paralelo parallel printer impresora (feminine) en paralelo 3.2 [Electronics/Electrónica] [circuit] paralelo
    More example sentences
    • I then went ahead and plugged in all the motherboard connectors such as the power switch, reset switch, etc. and then plugged in all the molex and parallel connectors.
    • More importantly, parallel connections become far less efficient as traffic rates increase, making serial connections more scalable.
    • Programming the ButtonBox requires constructing a special parallel cable to connect to it, and then running the programming software.
    More example sentences
    • This can mean one thread running from an application and a second thread running from an operating system, or parallel threads running from within a single application.
    • A parallel data processing system is provided for increasing the program execution rate of a target machine.
    • An array of qubits operates as a parallel computer capable of performing a large calculation in one step, and the power grows rapidly with the number of qubits.


  • 2 2.1 (similarity) to look at the parallels between two things estudiar el paralelismo entre dos cosas one is struck by the parallels with contemporary Africa llama la atención el paralelismo que existe con el África contemporánea without parallel sin parangón, sin paralelo 2.2 (comparison) to draw a parallel establecer* un paralelismo or un paralelo the article draws a parallel between the two thinkers el artículo establece un paralelo or un paralelismo entre los dos pensadores

transitive verb/verbo transitivo (-l- or (in British English also/en inglés británico también) , -ll-)

  • [formal] ser* análogo or paralelo a

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