There are 2 translations of pepper in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈpepər; ˈpepə(r)/


  • 2 c u (capsicum fruit, plant)
    (sweet pepper)
    pimiento (m), pimentón (m) (AmS exc RPl) , ají (m) (RPl) green pepper pimiento ( or pimentón etc) verde red pepper pimiento ( or pimentón etc) rojo or colorado, ají (m) morrón (RPl)
    More example sentences
    • Gently fry the bacon, add 2 tablespoons olive oil and then sauté onion, peppers, garlic, fennel and saffron.
    • Aubergines, green beans, courgettes, garlic, leeks, peppers, potatoes, shallots, spinach and most variety of potatoes are excellent buys.
    • The plant is a member of the family Solanaceae and therefore a relation of the New World capsicum peppers and potato, and of the Old World aubergine.

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There are 2 translations of pepper in Spanish:



  • 1.1 [Culin] ponerle* or echarle pimienta a
    More example sentences
    • He peppered the meat and swirled it with vegetables, asparagus shoots and courgette and finely shaved carrots, leeks and onions at their most succulent.
    • Gratefully, I copiously peppered my dish, and returned the pepper grinder to the young man, thanking him.
    • Two of us chose crispy duck with orange and Grand Marnier sauce, the birthday girl chose peppered steak, another chose lamb kebab with mint and honey and another went for halibut.
    1.2 (pelt) to pepper sth/sb (with sth) acribillar algo/a algn (a algo) they peppered him with questions lo acribillaron a preguntas
    More example sentences
    • A propaganda line was prepared, while the city was peppered with repeated bombardment.
    • He finally stopped and was peppered with bullets from an Apache helicopter.
    • He is getting peppered with questions from the press, many of them with a familiar theme.
    1.3 (intersperse) to pepper sth with sth salpicar* algo de algo the speech was peppered with anecdotes el discurso estuvo salpicado de anécdotas
    More example sentences
    • In this case, it is also peppered with an enormous amount of humour as well as a direct insight into the sheer boredom and irritation of being incarcerated and its destructive effect on the personality.
    • In addition, each explanation is peppered with the necessary amount of technical information needed to accomplish the job.
    • His speeches are peppered with key phrases including ‘the consumer is boss’, ‘reframing the brands’ and ‘connect and develop’.

Definition of pepper in: