Translation of percolate in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈpɜːrkəleɪt; ˈpɜːkəleɪt/


  • 1.1 (filter) to percolate through sth filtrarse a través de algo to percolate through filtrarse
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    • So those could be living down the cracks underneath the surface but the gasses will still percolate upwards.
    • You also have a natural filtration process as the water will percolate down through the ground and the ground will filter the water naturally.
    • He recently dug a trench that revealed high levels of magnesium and sulfur, suggesting water once percolated through the soil and evaporated leaving salts.
    1.2 [Culin] [coffee] hacerse*, filtrarse
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    • Around the world java percolates and teabags simmer in millions of homes each morning.
    • The kitchen smelled of cookies or whatever my Aunt Renee was finishing up for our desserts, and fresh coffee percolating.
    • In the not too distant future this will be estate agents’ recommended background music while the bread bakes and the coffee percolates.
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    • He paused as he sniffed the air and glanced over at the coffee pot percolating java on the counter.
    • It promises to produce everything from the waft of freshly baked chocolate cookies to percolating coffee over a personal computer.
    • This, of course, is the sound of indie films, sometimes as if from the bottom of a well, rarely the crisp, percolating coffee and microwave beep of a Hollywood kitchen.
    1.3 (spread) [news/idea] difundirse, propagarse* her enthusiasm has percolated through to her team le ha transmitido or contagiado su entusiasmo a su equipo
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    • They did badly, in part, because much of this growth did not percolate into the rural areas.
    • I hope to visit some of these ideas that are now percolating with regard to the worship experiences of today.
    • The vast corpus of religious literature in regional languages which has not been adequately studied can provide interesting insights into how religious ideas percolated into different strata of society.


  • to percolate coffee hacer* café (en una cafetera eléctrica)

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