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Translation of perfect in Spanish:


American English: /ˈpərfɪkt/
British English: /ˈpəːfɪkt/
  • 1 1.1 (precise, exact)
    the dress was a perfect fit
    el vestido le ( or me etc. ) quedaba perfecto
    Example sentences
    • I spun in a complete circle, delivering mortal wounds to all of them with perfect precision.
    • These deposit themselves with perfect precision on a gold-coated silicon substrate.
    • With perfect precision he swerved in between cars and into the other lane.
    1.2 (faultless)
    this watch keeps perfect time
    este reloj funciona perfectamente
    he speaks perfect French
    habla francés perfectamente or a la perfección
    I'm in perfect health
    estoy perfectamente bien de salud
    in perfect condition
    en perfectas condiciones
    I'm not/the world isn't perfect
    no soy/el mundo no es perfecto
    Example sentences
    • Four hundred years later the kayak is still unchanged in its basic design, because for its size it is as near as possible to being a perfect boat.
    • For me to achieve a perfect throw requires concentration and luck.
    • What I love about your characters is the perfect balance of cute and sinister, attraction and repulsion.
    Example sentences
    • As I landed it I was amazed at its excellent condition and perfect fins.
    • It is very important to note that she was wearing a white frilly dress that was still in perfect condition.
    • Very few goods - especially those on display - are in perfect, pristine condition.
    1.3 (ideal)
    this is the perfect tool for the job
    esta es la herramienta ideal para el trabajo
    one thirty would be perfect for me
    la una y media me vendría perfecto or estupendamente
  • 2 (complete) (before noun) a perfect idiot
    un perfecto idiota
    un idiota redomado
    she has a perfect right to be here
    tiene todo el derecho del mundo a estar aquí
    he's a perfect stranger to me
    me es totalmente desconocido
    he's been a perfect darling
    se ha portado divinamente
    Example sentences
    • Like all parental guilt trips, the reasoning behind it made absolute and perfect sense.
    • A thought's breadth away, a woman of perfect absolutes stood in a field of death.
    • Structurally this makes perfect sense, as life gets denser and more morally complex as you go through your teenage years.
  • 3 3.1 (Linguistics)
    Example sentences
    • It has seven vowels, it has no perfect tenses, it is chock-a-block with suffixes and its syntax is baroque.
    • First, it is relevant to the formation of the perfect tense in many European languages.
    3.2 (Mathematics)
    Example sentences
    • Prior to publishing, he also found an upper bound on the least prime divisor of an odd perfect number.
    • Many mathematicians were interested in perfect numbers and tried to contribute to the theory.
    • He who affirms that all perfect numbers end with the figure 6 or 8 are right.
    3.3 (Music)

transitive verb

American English: /pərˈfɛkt/
British English: /pəˈfɛkt/
  • (technique/knowledge)
    Example sentences
    • The staff busied itself with perfecting a peacetime organization which meshed closely with the demands of war, so that the chaos of 1870 could never be repeated.
    • With this knowledge, he perfected the tendon transplant technique through which he carried out reconstructive surgery on those with damaged hands and feet.
    • You see, grace builds upon nature; it doesn't destroy nature, but builds upon it and perfects it.


American English: /ˈpərfɪkt/
British English: /ˈpəːfɪkt/
  • the future/present perfect
    el futuro/pretérito perfecto
    the past perfect
    el pluscuamperfecto
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