There are 2 translations of permanent in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈpɜːrmənənt; ˈpɜːmənənt/


  • [address/job] fijo, permanente; [exhibition] permanente; [limp/bond/conflict] permanente; [damage] irreparable; [relationship] estable; [dye/ink] indeleble; [magnet] permanente; [tooth] definitivo she seems to have a permanent cold parece que estuviera siempre resfriada
    More example sentences
    • With no money, job, or permanent address, the future looked bleak for Lisa and baby Nicole.
    • The berthing piers would remain as a permanent feature of the development of tourism in St Lucia.
    • It remains a permanent monument to the academic aspect of elasticity.
    More example sentences
    • Was his permanent rage going to be banked by a great outpouring of slavering goodwill?
    • The advantages of permanent representation abroad included practicality and continuity.
    • We shall need permanent vigilance and constant efforts to spread democratic involvement.

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