Translation of perspective in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /pərˈspektɪv; pəˈspektɪv/


  • 1.1 u [Art] perspectiva (f) it's out of/in perspective no está/está en perspectiva (before n) perspective drawing dibujo (m) en perspectiva
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    • The Shrine authorities produced elevations and perspective drawings of even the most sacred buildings in order to facilitate rebuilding.
    • A pin at the central vanishing point would have been as useful here as it would for perspective drawings set out mathematically.
    • The illustrations in Pacioli's work were by Leonardo da Vinci and include some fine perspective drawings of regular solids.
    1.2 u c (angle, view) perspectiva (f) from a historical perspective con una perspectiva histórica I'm going away for a while to get things into perspective me voy a ir por un tiempo para poder ver las cosas objetivamente you have to keep things in perspective no tienes que perder de vista la verdadera dimensión de las cosas that puts a different perspective on things eso cambia el cariz de las cosas I tried to get a fresh/broader perspective on the issue intenté enfocar el problema de una forma nueva/más amplia
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    • His landscapes offer a tilting perspective, often a view over rises or down a slope.
    • The surrounding Black Sea landscape serves to further intensify the already magnificent visual perspectives.
    • He moved around to get a long perspective view of the street.

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