There are 2 translations of pick in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /pɪk/


  • 2 2.1 (choice) (no pl) take your pick elige or escoge el ( or los etc) que quieras you can take your pick of any dish on the menu puedes elegir or escoger el plato que quieras del menú you have first pick elige or escoge tú primero 2.2 (best) the pick of sth lo mejor de algo to be the pick of the bunch ser* el mejor de todos 2.3 (tip) (AmE) pronóstico (m), fija (f) (CS)
    More example sentences
    • Mains include turbot in a langoustine and scallop sauce and monkfish kebabs, or take your pick from the hefty choice of daily specials.
    • We were then invited to take our pick from a choice of starters.
    • Meanwhile, if you want to ring the changes with sandwiches you make at home, then take your pick from this delicious recipe selection.

Definition of pick in:

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There are 2 translations of pick in Spanish:



  • 1 1.1 (choose, select) [number/color] elegir*, escoger*; [team/crew] seleccionar I don't know which one to pick no sé cuál elegir or cuál escoger or con cuál quedarme to pick a winner (in racing) pronosticar* el ganador (choose well) elegir* or escoger* bien you really picked a winner with that new secretary la nueva secretaria fue una elección verdaderamente acertada to pick one's way andar* con mucho cuidado
    More example sentences
    • With such a distinguished cast to choose from, they picked the wrong man.
    • There certainly are a number of candidates to choose from when picking the players most likely to come through in key situations.
    • Also, maybe I was picking the wrong options in conversations but there was a lot that never got properly explained to me.
    1.2 (provoke) to pick a fight buscar* pelea are you trying to pick a quarrel with me? ¿quieres que discutamos?
  • 2 (gather) [flower] cortar, coger* (esp Esp) ; [fruit/cotton/tea] recoger*, coger* (esp Esp) , pizcar* (Méx) he picked her a rose cortó or (esp Esp) cogió una rosa para ella we went raspberry picking fuimos a recoger* or (esp Esp) a coger* frambuesas
    More example sentences
    • It has a mild tranquillising effect, which you can experience by merely picking the flower buds and inhaling their scent.
    • We would buy fresh fruit and pick fresh vegetables from a small garden in the back.
    • There was a man outside cutting wood for fire and a woman picking vegetables and fruits from a garden.
  • 3 3.1 (remove matter from) to pick one's nose meterse el dedo en la nariz, hurgarse* la nariz to pick one's teeth escarbarse los dientes don't pick your spots no te toques los granitos the vultures picked the bones clean los buitres dejaron los huesos limpios 3.2 (steal from) I had my pocket picked me robaron la billetera ( or las llaves etc) del bolsillo 3.3 (open) [lock] abrir* con una ganzúa ( or una horquilla etc), forzar*
  • 4 (play) [colloquial/familiar] [banjo/guitar] tocar*
    More example sentences
    • Velvety vocals, sung with tenderly picked guitars and gently played piano occasionally accompanied by some harsh brass made this record.
    • As we came to our first town, he suddenly started picking some demonically fast banjo.
    • The first time I heard his exact guitar picking and gentle voice I was hooked; the sophistication and pop sensibility of his songs left me fuzzy-warm.


  • 1.1 (be selective) you can't (afford to) pick and choose no puedes (permitirte el lujo de) ser exigente or de andarte con remilgos 1.2 (peck, take bits) the hens were picking about in the yard las gallinas picoteaban en el patio they were picking through the rubbish estaban escarbando en la basura

Phrasal verbs

pick at

v + adv + o
[spot/scab] tocarse*, toquetearse [familiar/colloquial] 1.1 [food] juguetear* con, picotear 1.2 (criticize) [colloquial/familiar] he picks at everything a todo le encuentra or (Esp) saca faltas 1.3 (AmE) pick on 2

pick off

v + o + adv, v + adv + o

pick on

v + prep + o
1.1 (choose) elegir*, escoger* they picked on me to go and tell her me encargaron a mí que se lo fuera a decir, me eligieron or escogieron a mí para ir a decírselo 1.2 (victimize) meterse con, agarrársela(s) con (AmL) [familiar/colloquial]

pick out

v + o + adv, v + adv + o
(choose, select) elegir*, escoger* 1.1 2.1 (recognize, identify) reconocer* 2.2 (discern) distinguir* 1.2 (highlight) destacar*, hacer* resaltar 1.3 (play by ear) [tune] tocar* de oído

pick over

v + o + adv, v + adv + o
wash and pick over the lentils lave y examine bien las lentejas he picked over the cherries to find the best ones rebuscó entre las cerezas para encontrar las mejores the buffet looked pretty well picked over (AmE) ya no quedaba nada bueno en el buffet

pick up

v + o + adv, v + adv + o 1.1 (raise) levantar; (off floor etc) recoger*; (take) tomar, agarrar (esp AmL) , coger* (esp Esp) pick me up, Daddy! ¡levántame, papá!, ¡upa, papá! [familiar/colloquial] pick that up immediately! ¡recoge eso inmediatamente! I had to pick him up when he fell over tuve que levantarlo cuando se cayó he picked up a pencil and began to write tomó or (esp AmL) agarró or (esp Esp) cogió un lápiz y se puso a escribir I picked the parcel up to see how heavy it was levanté el paquete para ver cuánto pesaba to pick oneself up reponerse* (lit: after falling) levantarse to pick up the tab o (BrE also) bill for sth cargar* con la cuenta, cargar* con el muerto [familiar/colloquial] she picked up the check (AmE) pagó ella 1.2 (learn) [language] aprender; [idea] sacar*; [habit] adquirir, agarrar (esp AmL) , coger* (esp Esp) it's not hard, you'll soon pick it up no es difícil, ya verás cómo enseguida le agarras la onda or (Esp) le coges el tranquillo [familiar/colloquial] did you pick up any news about Roger? ¿te enteraste de qué tal está Roger? where do you pick up all those jokes of yours? ¿de dónde sacas todos esos chistes? 1.3 (acquire) [bargain] conseguir*, encontrar*; [points/prizes] ganar, sacar*; [votes] hacerse* con, conseguir* 1.4 (catch) [illness] pescar* [familiar/colloquial], pillar [familiar/colloquial] 1.5 (collect, fetch) [person] recoger*, pasar a buscar could you pick up my coat from the cleaners? ¿me puedes recoger el abrigo de la tintorería? could you pick up some eggs for me? ¿me traes unos huevos? 1.6 (take on board) [passenger/hitchhiker] recoger*, levantar; [cargo/load] cargar* 1.7 (rescue) rescatar 1.8 (arrest) [suspect] detener* 1.9 [colloquial/familiar] [man/woman] ligarse* [familiar/colloquial], levantar (AmS) [familiar/colloquial] 1.10 (receive) [signal] captar, recibir I can now pick up Radio Moscow ahora puedo agarrar or (esp Esp) coger Radio Moscú 1.11 (detect) detectar 1.12 (notice) she picked up the hint and left se dio por aludida y se fue he didn't pick up any of your references to his family no se dio cuenta de que te estabas refiriendo a su familia 1.13 (resume) [conversation] reanudar to pick up the thread retomar el hilo 1.14 [idea/remark] volver* a I'd like to pick up a point you made earlier quisiera volver a algo que usted dijo antes 1.1v + adv + o 2.1 (earn) [colloquial/familiar] hacer* [familiar/colloquial], sacar* [familiar/colloquial] he picks up over a thousand a week hace or saca más de mil por semana [familiar/colloquial] 2.2 (gain) [velocity] agarrar, coger* (esp Esp) 2.3 (tidy) (AmE) [colloquial/familiar], ordenar 1.2v + o + adv 3.1 (revive) reanimar 3.2 (correct) corregir* he picked me up every time I made a mistake me corregía cada vez que me equivocabato pick sb up on sth I must pick you up on that perdón, pero eso es discutible or eso no es así she picked him up on a few points of historical detail le señaló algunos detalles históricos donde se había equivocado 1.3v + adv 4.1 (improve) [prices/sales] subir, repuntar; [economy/business] repuntar; [invalid] mejorar, recuperarse it looks as though the weather's picking up parece que está mejorando el tiempo 4.2 (resume) seguir*, continuar* 4.3 (tidy up)to pick up after sb I'm fed up picking up after you all the time estoy harto de ordenar lo que tú desordenas 4.4 (notice) [colloquial/familiar] to pick up on sth darse* cuenta de algo 4.5 (take advantage) to pick up on sth aprovechar algo, sacarle* jugo a algo [familiar/colloquial] 4.6 (start relationship) [colloquial/familiar] to pick up with sb empezar* a salir con algn he's picked up with another girl ha empezado a salir con otra [familiar/colloquial]

Definition of pick in: