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American English: /pɪs/
British English: /pɪs/

Translation of piss in Spanish:


  • 1 (act) (no plural) he's gone for a piss
    se ha ido a hacer pis [colloquial]
    se ha ido a mear [vulgar]
    se ha ido a echar una meada [vulgar]
    Example sentences
    • As the cameras panned through the rooms, you could almost smell the cocktail of piss and sea water.
    • Most have escaped to the Pakistani camps only to find themselves living knee deep in piss and shit.
    • I've never seen your shit around, not even a tag written on the concrete with your piss.
    Example sentences
    • But then again, it's always more fun to watch Apocalypse Now at home where you can go for a piss whenever you want.
    • Must dash as I'm dying for a piss.
    • I decide I need a piss and leave K & H on the platform.
  • 2 uncountable (urine) to be full of piss and vinegar (US)
    ser como la pólvora
    to take the piss out of somebody (British)
    tomarle el pelo a alguien [colloquial]
    cachondearse de alguien (Spain) [colloquial]

intransitive verb

  • [slang]
    mear [vulgar]
    Example sentences
    • I don't swim in the UK though because I don't like the hot over-chlorinated water which children piss in.
    • Ever the street-philosopher, he would caution the excitable hordes thus: ‘Don't piss in the water supply.’
    • Another thin man urinates against the wall outside, pissing up against the rich.

transitive verb

  • [slang]
    mear [vulgar]
    to piss oneself (laughing) (British)
    mearse de risa [vulgar]
    Example sentences
    • I like you just fine kiddo so you better make sure I stay that way otherwise you'll be pissing blood for days.
    • Sometimes the code for avocados is out of date, and if means John Ashcroft will appear in a cloud of red smoke, drag you off to the backroom and beat your kidneys with phone books until you piss blood, then so be it.
    • And I'm not pissing blood so my kidneys are good for today.
    Example sentences
    • They must be pissing themselves in fear, and that is so wrong.
    • She locks lips with a man who has more than once tied her to railroad tracks just to make Popeye piss his pants in fear.
    • I bet the Medici were pissing themselves over that one, but all these years later we just can't see the joke any more.

impersonal verb

  • (British) [slang]it was pissing down (with rain)
    estaba lloviendo a cántaros or a chuzos

Phrasal verbs

piss about

piss around (British) [slang]
1verb + adverb
perder el tiempo
2verb + object + adverb
tomarle el pelo a [colloquial]
agarrar de puerquito (Mexico) [colloquial]
agarrar para el chuleteo (Chile) [colloquial]
I'm fed up with being pissed about
estoy harto de que me tomen el pelo ( or de que me agarren de puerquito etc. ) [colloquial]

piss away

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
[slang] (money)
liquidarse [colloquial]
feriarse (Mexico) [colloquial]

piss off

1verb + adverb (go away) (British) piss off!
¡vete a la mierda or al carajo! [vulgar]
it's time we pissed off
es hora de que nos larguemos [colloquial]
2verb + object + adverb (anger, bother) it pisses me off
me revienta [colloquial]
me cabrea [colloquial]
me encabrona (Spain) (Mexico) [vulgar]
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