Translation of pity in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈpɪti/


  • 1 (no plural/sin plural) (cause of regret) lástima (feminine), pena (feminine) it's a pity (that) es una lástima or una pena que (followed by subjunctive/seguido por subjuntivo) it's a pity you can't go es una lástima or una pena que no puedas ir what a pity you missed it! ¡qué lástima or qué pena que te lo perdieras! more's the pity es una lástima or una pena it's a thousand pities he isn't here to see it ¡qué pena tan grande que él no esté aquí para verlo!
    More example sentences
    • In the end, it's a pity because the situation could have been handled a lot better and without the angst and tears.
    • It's such a pity, when perfectly reasonable tinned crab is available in the supermarkets!
    • This enforced secrecy is a pity, because Lalonde might have some useful advice to offer his cousin.
  • 2 uncountable/no numerable (compassion) piedad (feminine), compasión (feminine) he showed no pity se mostró implacable I don't want your pity no quiero tu compasión or que me compadezcas to take pity on sb/sth apiadarse or compadecerse* de algn/algo to have pity on sb tener* piedad or compasión de algn I felt pity for the poor creature me dio lástima (de) la pobre criatura for pity's sake! ¡por (el) amor de Dios!
    More example sentences
    • He had no pity, no compassion, no understanding of what the victims of war suffered.
    • Some said that to heal this rift in the Malay ground, some pity, or compassion, must be shown to Anwar.
    • A good number of her early poems attempt to work on the reader's sense of pity and compassion.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo (pities, pitying, pitied)

  • tenerle* lástima a, compadecer* I pity the poor thing le tengo lástima or la compadezco a la pobre, la pobre me da lástima I think she pitied him more than she loved him creo que más que quererlo le tenía lástima I pity you if he finds out you've broken it pobre de ti como descubra que lo has roto

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