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American English: /pleɪs/
British English: /pleɪs/

Translation of place in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 countable (spot, position, area) the best place for that is …
    el lugar or el sitio más indicado para eso es …
    we've come to the wrong place
    nos hemos equivocado de lugar or de sitio
    do you think this is the right place?
    ¿te parece que es aquí?
    she was in the right place at the right time and got the job
    tuvo la suerte de estar allí en el momento oportuno y le dieron el trabajo
    this is the place where I left it
    fue aquí donde lo dejé
    do you have a place to stay?
    ¿tienes donde quedarte?
    the road is poor in places
    algunos tramos or algunas partes de la carretera están en mal estado
    what a stupid place to leave the money!
    ¡a quién se le ocurre dejar el dinero allí!
    I can't be in two places at once
    no puedo estar en dos sitios or en dos partes al mismo tiempo
    there's no place like home
    no hay nada como estar en casa
    all over the place
    por todas partes
    por todos lados
    I've looked all over the place
    he buscado por todas partes or por todos lados
    her ideas are all over the place
    sus ideas son un desbarajuste or un caos total
    they were all over the place in the scherzo
    en el scherzo cada uno iba por su lado
    Example sentences
    • Residents say the area was once a peaceful place to live, but has been ruined by unruly youths.
    • Most nodded approvingly, for this region has a big place in the hearts of many Azeris.
    • Aberdeen, as a city and as a club, still have a big place in my heart.
    Example sentences
    • The surface had failed in places, and this had allowed grass and weeds to come through.
    • A lot of heavy lorries use this road, and the surface is terrible in places.
    • Even now, although this land is being developed in places in the village, there are still vast areas left undeveloped.
    1.2 countable (town, region, country) from place to place
    de un lugar or un sitio or un lado a otro
    to go placesthis boy will go places
    este chico va a llegar lejos
    a new rock group that's really going places
    un nuevo grupo de rock que viene pisando fuerte
    we like to go places, not just lie on the beach
    nos gusta visitar distintos lugares, no simplemente estar tumbados en la playa
    Example sentences
    • Foots Cray Place was the home of the one-time Chancellor of the Exchequer, Nicholas Vansittart, Lord Bexley.
    • Grove Place was the home of John de la Grave in 1296.
    1.3 countable (specific location) place of birth
    lugar de nacimiento
    place of worship
    lugar de culto
    1.4 uncountable (locality) time and place
    tiempo y lugar
  • 2 countable 2.1 (building, shop, restaurant etc) it's not the sort of place you'd take your maiden aunt
    no es el tipo de sitio or de lugar adonde uno llevaría a una tía solterona
    Bas Bleus is still the place in New Orleans
    Bas Bleus aún es el sitio de moda en Nueva Orleans
    the hotel was a depressing place
    el hotel era deprimente
    they've moved to a bigger place
    se han mudado a un local ( or a una casa) más grande
    there's a good hamburger/pizza place nearby
    hay una buena hamburguesería/pizzería cerca
    Example sentences
    • What we have now is a splendid modern building, a place of worship and a resource centre for the whole community.
    • They applied for Planning permission to use the building as a place of worship and I went to the public meeting.
    • There are huge pedestrian walk ways and squares with theatres, museums and places to eat and drink.
    2.2 (home) this is a palace compared to my place
    comparado con mi casa, esto es un palacio
    we went back to Jim's place
    después fuimos a (la) casa de Jim or (Latin America tb) fuimos donde Jim or (River Plate area) a lo de Jim
    Example sentences
    • I'm still nursing my head after a heavy night at my place with dinner guests.
    • Now he is staying with friends, until his place is habitable once again.
    • It turned out the man had several places in the big city, which surprised her quite a bit.
  • 3 countable 3.1 (correct, appropriate location) put them all back in their (proper) places
    ponlos todos en su sitio or lugar
    this is no place for a dog
    este no es un lugar apropiado para tener un perro
    there's a time and (a) place for everything
    todo a su debido tiempo y en su debido lugar
    a place for everything (and everything in its place) to fall into place
    things were beginning to fall into place
    las cosas estaban empezando a aclararse
    Example sentences
    • In comes a calm, regionally balanced economy with the housing market in its proper place.
    • The cold, round meal tray is impassively in front, with two bowls and two pairs of chopsticks placed in their proper places.
    • Even if such indicators are present, they are not placed at the proper places.
    3.2 (in phrases) in placethe window frames are in place
    ya han colocado los marcos de las ventanas
    when the new accounting system is in place
    cuando se haya implementado el nuevo sistema de contabilidad
    the new manager is not yet in place
    el nuevo director aún no ha entrado en funciones or no ha asumido el cargo
    to hold something in place
    sujetar algo
    out of placedespite the wind she arrived with not a hair out of place
    a pesar del viento llegó impecable
    modern furniture would look out of place in this room
    quedaría mal or no resultaría apropiado poner muebles modernos en esta habitación
    a small tip would not be out of place
    una pequeña propina no estaría fuera de lugar
    I felt very out of place there
    me sentí totalmente fuera de lugar allí
  • 4 countable 4.1 (position, role) she's back in her rightful place as party leader
    vuelve a ocupar el lugar que le corresponde como líder del partido
    he will always have a special place in our hearts
    siempre ocupará un lugar especial en nuestros corazones
    your place is helping out on the farm
    tú donde debes estar es en la granja, ayudando
    what would you do in my place?
    ¿tú qué harías si estuvieras en mi lugar?
    if I were in your place
    yo en tu lugar
    yo que tú
    put yourself in my place it's not my place to interfere
    yo no soy quién para meterme
    I feel it is my place to advise you
    considero mi obligación aconsejarte
    the prince and his servant changed places
    el príncipe y el criado se cambiaron los papeles
    I wouldn't change places with her for anything
    no me cambiaría por ella por nada
    there is no place for authoritarianism in a democratic society
    en una sociedad democrática no cabe el autoritarismo
    nobody can ever take your place
    nadie podrá jamás ocupar tu lugar or reemplazarte
    a place in the sun
    una posición destacada
    to know one's place (dated or humorous)
    saber el lugar que le corresponde a uno
    I know my place, madam
    yo sé el lugar que me corresponde, señora
    to put somebody in her/his place
    poner a alguien en su sitio
    bajarle los humos a alguien
    Example sentences
    • All three have their important place in the law of torts, but the liability attached to them will differ.
    • Does the independent press have an important place in literary life or is it little more than vanity publishing?
    • I think flood irrigation is going to have an important place here for a long time.
    4.2in place of (as preposition) Mike's coming in Arthur's place
    va a venir Mike en lugar de Arthur
    4.3to take place (occur) (meeting/concert/wedding) the ceremony took place last Friday
    la ceremonia tuvo lugar el viernes pasado
    we don't know what took place that night
    no sabemos qué ocurrió or qué sucedió aquella noche
  • 5 countable 5.1 (seat) save me a place next to you
    guárdame un asiento or un sitio al lado del tuyo
    the conference hall has places for 500 people
    la sala de conferencias tiene capacidad or cabida para 500 personas
    change places with Jan
    cámbiale el asiento a Jan
    take your places, ladies and gentlemen
    ocupen sus asientos, señoras y señores
    5.2 (at table) to lay/set a place for somebody
    poner un cubierto para alguien
    Example sentences
    • Forty places for cars are available in the underground car park under the supermarket.
    • So they said they would tell me when a place became available for me to sit until a table became available.
    • He had saved a place for him in the middle of the table and was guarding it diligently.
  • 6 countable 6.1 (in contest, league) he took first/second place
    obtuvo el primer/segundo puesto or lugar
    to hold one's place
    mantener or conservar su ( or mi etc) posición
    to take second place
    pasar a un segundo plano
    your social life will have to take second place
    tu vida social va a tener que pasar a un segundo plano
    Example sentences
    • He dropped more than 50 Order of Merit places to 74th and managed only one top-ten finish.
    • He used the image of a guest at a banquet who chooses the lowest place in order to be seen being elevated to a higher one.
    • Inevitably, the victory earned him the order of merit title, swapping places with Bradley who had captured it last year.
    6.2 (in horseracing)
    (uno de los tres primeros puestos en las carreras de caballos)
    Example sentences
    • He has an impressive National record, with two second places, a third and a fourth but has yet to capture the big prize itself.
    • In qualifying we clinched the pole position, and in the race, second and third places.
    • Pole position and a second place in the race made a great weekend for him and for the whole team.
  • 7 countable (in book, script, sequence) you've made me lose my place
    me has hecho perder la página ( or la línea etc) por donde iba
    the audience laughed in all the right places
    el público se rió cuando había que reírse
  • 8 countable 8.1 (job) we have places for 20 workers
    tenemos 20 puestos de trabajo or 20 vacantes
    to fill a place
    cubrir una vacante
    to have friends in high places
    tener amigos influyentes
    Example sentences
    • She has been offered a place to study politics and modern history at Oxford.
    • Around the time of my diagnosis I had also been offered a place to study for an MPhil in philosophy.
    • Seven sixth form students from Bootham School in York have been offered places to study at Cambridge or Oxford universities.
    8.2 (British English) (School, University) a school/university place
    una plaza en un colegio/en la Universidad
    8.3 (on team)
  • 9 (in argument) in the first/second place
    en primer/segundo lugar
    you shouldn't have been there in the first place!
    en primer lugar or para empezar tú no deberías haber estado allí
  • 10 countable (Mathematics)correct to three decimal places
    correcto hasta tres decimales
  • 11 countable or uncountable (space, room) is there (a) place for one more suitcase?
    ¿hay sitio or lugar para otra maleta?
    ¿cabe otra maleta?
    to give place to something
    dar paso a algo

transitive verb

  • 1 (put, position)
    (carefully, precisely) colocar
    she placed the book in his hand
    le puso el libro en la mano
    I'm very badly placed here to see what is happening
    estoy en muy mal sitio or (Latin America tb) estoy muy mal ubicado para ver lo que está pasando
    how are they placed as regards finance?
    ¿cuál es su situación a nivel financiero?
    I'm rather badly placed for time at present
    en este momento no dispongo de mucho tiempo
    this places them at a disadvantage
    esto los coloca en una situación de desventaja
    we were placed in an awkward position
    nos pusieron en una situación muy violenta
    this places you under an obligation
    esto te obliga or te compromete
    to place somebody in custody
    poner a alguien bajo custodia
    he's been placed under observation she's been placed under house arrest
    está bajo arresto domiciliario
    to place one's confidence o trust in somebody/something
    depositar su ( or mi etc) confianza en alguien/algo
    I don't place much faith in the medical profession
    no tengo mucha fe en los médicos
    he placed the blame on the lawyer in charge of the case
    responsabilizó or le echó la culpa al abogado que llevaba el caso
    her promotion placed a great strain on their relationship
    su ascenso provocó muchas tensiones en su relación
    he places a high value on originality
    concede gran importancia a la originalidad
    valora mucho la originalidad
    I placed the matter in the hands of my lawyer
    puse el asunto en manos de mi abogado
    see alsowell-placed
    Example sentences
    • Yesterday the memorial was roped off, and a wreath had been placed beside it.
    • I crossed my legs and placed myself beside him on the bed, the mattress sinking a little under weight.
    • The Queen gestured to a tray that had been placed beside the bed filled with all sorts of food.
    Example sentences
    • He was best placed to take advantage and went on to win from Charlie with McAlpin third.
    • He, with his rugged good looks and background, was ideally placed to take advantage of this trend.
    • He thinks that Britain is uniquely placed to exploit the advantages of its genetic diversity.
  • 2 2.1 (in hierarchy, league, race) I wouldn't place money that high on the list of priorities
    para mí el dinero no ocupa un lugar tan prioritario
    national security should be placed above everything else
    la seguridad nacional debería ponerse por encima de todo
    this victory places her among the top three
    este triunfo la sitúa entre las tres primeras
    the team is currently placed fourth
    actualmente el equipo ocupa el cuarto puesto or lugar
    2.2 (in horseracing) to be placed
    llegar placé or colocado (en segundo o tercer lugar)
  • 3 3.1 (find a home, job for) they placed her with a Boston firm
    la colocaron or le encontraron trabajo en una empresa de Boston
    Example sentences
    • The family made the decision not to contact police until she gave birth to a baby girl, who was immediately placed with foster parents.
    • He was taken into care before being placed with foster parents.
    • In the same vein, the entity charged with placing redundant workers into employment, has not improved.
    (phone call)
    we placed an order with Acme Corp
    hicimos un pedido a Acme Corp
    Example sentences
    • In effect, this means that if there is any difficulty in placing the shares, he and his associates will put up the money.
    • "The controlling shareholder is placing the shares before the deal is completed, " he said.
    • It also plans to raise €8 million by placing over 53 million shares, which he has committed to buy if no new investors emerge.
    Example sentences
    • This time at a lower register which is both more commanding and better suited to an auditory range ruined by years placing bets at the dog track at Concreton.
    • If an offer, will CostPlus be in breach of contract in attempting to increase the price after Philip has placed an order?
    • Check with the manufacturer for the exact amount when placing your order.
    Example sentences
    • A precedent has been set that thuggish bigots can dictate who plays in a football match by placing one threatening telephone call to the BBC.
    • The Upper Arlington Fire Division placed a call for a NAS-T Fire Investigation response.
    • Sometimes people living in the same city prefer to keep in touch with each other through e-mail or text-messaging rather then meeting in person or placing a phone call.
  • 4 4.1 (identify) her face is familiar, but I can't quite place her
    su cara me resulta conocida pero no sé de dónde or (Latin America tb) pero no la ubico
    Example sentences
    • Listeners are invited to take part in an audio game in which they must identify and place the sounds they hear.
    • His words that morning had placed him in her mind, and she prayed for his safety as the wall began to crumble.
    • Still, I couldn't place her but even her clothing, a worn leather jacket and a red knit scarf, had a certain familiarity.
    4.2 (locate, estimate) I would place the time of death at around eleven o'clock
    estimo que su muerte se produjo alrededor de las once
    that would place (the date of) his arrival in Venice much further back
    eso indicaría que su llegada a Venecia fue muy anterior
  • 5 (direct carefully)

intransitive verb

  • (Sport)to place fourth/ninth
    quedar en cuarto/noveno lugar
    his horse didn't even place
    su caballo no llegó ni placé or colocado
    Example sentences
    • He has won four of 13 starts, placing in seven other races, and has earned $190,190.
    • A top-class swimmer and cross-country runner as a junior, she won the London Triathlon in 2001 and is now placing consistently well in World Cup events.
    • Though her piece wasn't chosen as the cover, she said placing among the finalists inspired her to explore her talent.
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