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Pronunciation: /pliː/


  • 1 (appeal) [formal] petición (f); (in supplication) ruego (m), súplica (f) despite pleas from local people a pesar de las peticiones de los vecinos she listened to my plea escuchó mis ruegos or súplicasplea for sth she made a plea for mercy rogó or suplicó or imploró clemencia the play is a plea for tolerance la obra es un llamamiento or (AmL tb) un llamado a la tolerancia
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    • But unlike Moore, he doesn't rely on emotional pleas from hysterical moms and funny songs to lighten the mood.
    • Beware of charities long on emotional pleas but short on concrete examples of where the money goes, she advised.
    • He also is undecided on his emotions, chopping and changing between angry violent outbursts and whiny emotional pleas.
  • 2 [Law] to enter a plea of guilty/not guilty declararse culpable/inocente to cop a plea (AmE) [colloquial/familiar]declararse culpable para obtener una sentencia más leve
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    • The defendants put forward a plea of justification, based on the issue of the writ itself.
    • It seems that he indicated a plea of guilty even before the charge was amended.
    • I have already said that I am not going to make a plea of diminished responsibility on the grounds of incapacity.
  • 3 (excuse) [formal] pretexto (m), excusa (f) she didn't come on the plea of illness no vino so pretexto de or pretextando estar enferma
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    • You must demonstrate that you have made a decision and will no longer accept philandering, excuses, promises or pleas.
    • His attorneys moved on Wednesday to obtain a prompt hearing on his plea that he is legally entitled to release.
    • He was given six years for forgery despite his plea that he regarded painting banknotes as "a new form of art."

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