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past tense & past participle pleaded or (US also) pled
American English: /plid/
British English: /pliːd/

Translation of plead in Spanish:

transitive verb

  • 1 (give as excuse) he pleads ignorance of the whole affair
    alega or aduce no saber nada del asunto
    to plead self-defense (Law)
    alegar legítima defensa or defensa propia
    she pleaded a prior engagement
    alegó tener un compromiso anterior
    nobody can plead poverty
    nadie puede decir que no le alcanza el dinero
    Example sentences
    • Britain, pleading her constitutional position, did not sign, though the prince regent expressed personal approval.
    • So if the excisable good in question were alleged to be brandy, how would the pleader plead the nature of those goods?
    • How can one plead ignorance in the presence of this massive and continuous universal call?
  • 2 (argue) to plead the rights of the oppressed
    abogar por or defender los derechos de los oprimidos
    he pleaded the cause of the poor
    abogaba en favor de los pobres
    to plead the case for something
    abogar en favor de algo
    to plead somebody's case (Law)
    llevar el caso de alguien
    to plead the case for the prosecution (Law)
    llevar la acusación
    Example sentences
    • Now he stands accused of inadequately pleading his position, of mocking the people, and is instructed to try again to seek their approval.
    • I have set out the material part of the pleadings because it is of some importance in this case to see how the case was pleaded and presented in the court below.
    • My mother particularly thought I'd make a very good barrister, and you know, do I think I could plead a case in court?

intransitive verb

  • 1 (implore, beg) to plead for something
    suplicar algo
    he pleaded for mercy
    suplicó misericordia
    to plead with somebody to + infinitive
    suplicarle a alguien que + subjunctive
    I pleaded with him to come
    le supliqué que viniera
    Example sentences
    • They just dragged Eamon from the bed, threw him all the way down the stairs, lay him on his back and beat him with sticks embedded with huge nails while my parents pleaded with them to leave him alone because of his age.
    • ‘The police will create problems for you and us also sir,’ was how a restaurant manager at Dilsukhnagar pleaded with a group of doctors.
    • McGraw pleaded with the crowd not to pay their way into yesterday's match, declaring: ‘The only way to make him suffer is by not paying in.’
  • 2 (Law)to plead guilty
    declararse culpable
    to plead not guilty
    negar la acusación
    to plead on somebody's behalf
    representar a alguien
    to plead for the defendant
    llevar la defensa
    Example sentences
    • A court should only grant a motion for particulars where they are necessary for the moving party to plead and the particulars are not within the knowledge of the moving party.
    • Advocacy commonly is defined as pleading on behalf of another.
    • In some judicial courts in the early eighteenth century, attorneys had to kneel while university-educated advocates pleaded at the bar.
    Example sentences
    • I thought you had conceded earlier that as originally framed, it would not have been appropriate to expect the accused to plead guilty to that charge.
    • In the adversarial system at the beginning of trial proceedings the court asks the defendant whether he pleads guilty or not guilty.
    • I went into court and I pleaded guilty to the charge of common assault.
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