Translation of plead in Spanish:


(past & past p pleaded or (AmE also) , pled)
Pronunciation: /pliːd/


  • 1.1 (give as excuse) alegar* he pleads ignorance of the whole affair alega or aduce no saber nada del asunto to plead self-defense [Law] alegar* legítima defensa or defensa propia she pleaded a prior engagement alegó tener un compromiso anterior nobody can plead poverty nadie puede decir que no le alcanza el dinero 1.2 (argue) defender* to plead the rights of the oppressed abogar* por or defender* los derechos de los oprimidos he pleaded the cause of the poor abogaba en favor de los pobres to plead the case for sth abogar* en favor de algo to plead sb's case [Law] llevar el caso de algn to plead the case for the prosecution [Law] llevar la acusación


  • 1.1 (implore, beg) suplicar* to plead for sth suplicar* algo he pleaded for mercy suplicó misericordia to plead with sb to + inf suplicarle* a algn que + subj I pleaded with him to come le supliqué que viniera 1.2 [Law] to plead guilty declararse culpable to plead not guilty negar* la acusación to plead on sb's behalf representar a algn to plead for the defendant llevar la defensa

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