There are 3 translations of please in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /pliːz/


  • por favor please sit down (por favor) siéntese pass the salt, please pásame la sal, por favor, ¿me pasas la sal? would you like another one? — yes, please ¿quieres otro? — sí, gracias may I read it? — please do! ¿puedo leerlo? — ¡sí, cómo no! or ¡no faltaba más! say please ¿qué se dice?, las cosas se piden por favor don't tell her, please no se lo digas, (te lo pido) por favor stop it, please! ¡para ya, por Dios!

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There are 3 translations of please in Spanish:



  • 1.1 (make happy) complacer*; (satisfy) contentar, complacer* we always try to please the customer siempre tratamos de complacer al cliente her progress pleased her parents sus padres estaban contentos con los progresos que hacía you're very hard to please eres muy difícil de contentar or de complacer she's easily pleased o easy to please se contenta con poco or con cualquier cosa you can't please everyone no se puede tener contento or complacer or contentar a todo el mundo
    More example sentences
    • He said it pleased him, and he was flattered not offended…
    • When they told me where they lived I had no idea where Downpatrick was, and it pleased me that now I had a passing acquaintance with the place.
    • It pleased me somehow to be weathered by this deadly wind on my face and to be exposed to a gorgeous icy glare on this sunny afternoon.
    1.2 (suit) may it please Your Honor … [formal] tendría a bien Su Señoría … [formal]


  • 1.1 (satisfy) we do our best to please hacemos todo lo posible por complacer al cliente ( or a todo el mundo etc) he's eager to please busca la aprobación de los demás 1.2 (choose) querer* don't dress up, just come as you please no hace falta que te pongas elegante, ven como quieras or como te parezca do exactly as you please haz lo que quieras or lo que te parezca or [familiar/colloquial] lo que te dé la gana just as you please como quieras I'll have no arguing, if you please haga el favor de no discutir and then, if you please, she turns up with three friends y luego ¿qué crees tú? va y se presenta con tres amigos
    More example sentences
    • People in life quote as they please, so we have the right to quote as we please.
    • Users of such indices can pick and choose as they please in this evolving garden of relationships.
    • But shoppers can't come and go as they please, nor can they always choose the food they want.

v refl

  • to please oneself please yourself haz lo que quieras or lo que te parezca or [familiar/colloquial] lo que te dé la gana now we can please ourselves ahora sí podemos hacer lo que nos parezca or [familiar/colloquial] lo que nos dé la gana she can please herself whether she comes or not (que haga lo que quiera:) si no quiere venir, que no venga

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There are 3 translations of please in Spanish:



  • without so much as a please or thankyou sin pedir por favor ni dar las gracias

Definition of please in: