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American English: /plɛdʒ/
British English: /plɛdʒ/

Translation of pledge in Spanish:

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (promise)
    he pledged his word
    dio su palabra
    to pledge something to somebody
    prometerle algo a alguien
    he pledged not to come back until he found her
    prometió no regresar hasta encontrarla
    Example sentences
    • In-coming President Sean Kelly has pledged that the tournament stays as long as the players want it.
    • She pledged that, as promised on the doorsteps, during the canvass, she would now be going back to talk to people and would be listening to what they had to say.
    • Concerns about the troubled construction and engineering firm have led campus chiefs to pledge that all students promised a room will still be housed in September.
    Example sentences
    • A total of US $100 million is already pledged to support the participation of poorer countries.
    • To pledge you need the barcode from one of their promotional packs, but no purchase is necessary - you can simply write down the barcode when you're in the supermarket.
    • So he was pledged financial income under commercial cover.
    1.2 (commit)to pledge oneself to + infinitive
    comprometerse a + infinitive
    she is pledged to secrecy
    ha jurado que guardará el secreto
    ha dado su palabra de que guardará el secreto
    Example sentences
    • The world will be just as dangerous the day after we have solemnly pledged to ignore its dangers.
    • Not only have reform groups solemnly pledged to bring facts and common sense to the debate, they propose societal acceptance of expanded, legal use of drugs by adults.
    • They originally pledged to continue action for two weeks but ultimately agreed to hold a meeting with Mr. Milloy which took place on Monday, November 15.
  • 2 2.1 (offer as guarantee)
    entregar en garantía or en prenda
    they pledged their furniture to a moneylender
    entregaron los muebles como garantía a un prestamista
    I'd be willing to pledge anything for his honesty
    pondría las manos en el fuego por su honestidad
    Example sentences
    • In England it is possible to pledge bearer securities by handing over the certificates themselves.
    • Each called for the periodic restoration of land which had been pledged as security and forfeited for unpaid debt.
    • When the land is pledged for a loan of Rs.500 the oral deal between Shamu's mother and the money lender Lala is that until the loan is paid, one fourth of the harvest will be paid to Lala towards interest.
    (fraternity/sorority) (US)
    aceptar ser miembro provisional de
  • 3 (toast) [formal]
    brindar por


Pledge of Allegiance
  • 1 1.1 (promise) a solemn pledge
    una promesa solemne
    election pledge
    compromiso (masculine) electoral
    the Pledge of Allegiance (in US)
    la jura de (la) bandera
    to honor or keep a pledge
    cumplir una promesa
    cumplir con su ( or mi etc. ) palabra
    to make a pledge to + infinitive
    prometer + infinitive
    she made a pledge to repay all the money
    prometió devolver todo el dinero
    to sign or take the pledge (History) or [humorous]
    jurar no probar el alcohol
    Example sentences
    • The solemn pledge taken included an oath swearing to quit the drug habit and to avoid association with former friends and others still involved with drugs.
    • Now, both parties had made a solemn pledge never to do this.
    • Under twinkling lights and shimmering tulle, 150 or so teens in Central Texas made a solemn pledge.
    1.2 (of money)
    cantidad (feminine) prometida
    donativo (masculine) prometido
    Example sentences
    • He had charitable pledges and estates fees totaling some $9 million, according to J.P. Morgan sources.
    • So far the charity has received donations and pledges from the public amounting to around £9,200 but needs £50,000 to survive until the next financial year.
    • A total of 402 households have responded through gifts or pledges and the total amount pledged represents more than twice the target figure of 96,170 euro.
    1.3 (in fraternity, sorority) (US)
    (estudiante que se va a convertir en miembro)
  • 2 2.1 (token) as a pledge of his love
    como prenda de su amor
    en señal de su amor
    Example sentences
    • The sense of the pledge as debt implied by both translations suggests that the vow or promise is predicated on a loss already inscribed in the speech act.
    • The borrower retains ownership of the pledge except on default on the loan, and then the pawnbroker has the opportunity to sell those goods.
    • In the table below, enter the information specific to your Pledge of Security and Loan Agreement.
    2.2 (collateral) 2.3 (pawned object) to redeem a pledge
    desempeñar una prenda
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