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American English: /plək/
British English: /plʌk/

Translation of pluck in Spanish:

transitive verb

  • 1 (pull feathers, hair from)
    to pluck one's eyebrows
    depilarse las cejas
    Example sentences
    • He was already plucking the last few feathers and rubbing spices into the carcasses in preparation for cooking.
    • The owner of the turkey and the ‘Keeper of the Fowl’ were going to have the bird cleaned and plucked and we were going to have a Turkey Fry.
    • He at once began work on the bird, plucking the feathers carefully from its wings and tail and setting them in a pile on the sand, then skinning it with his dagger.
    Example sentences
    • Undergoing a total transformation by cutting her hair, plucking her eyebrows, and having her teeth capped, Céline was willing to do whatever it took to make her dreams a reality.
    • Teen magazines are full of articles on how to lose weight, get the right hair highlights, pluck eyebrows effectively, and so on.
    • My eyes are small like my dad's, and my eyebrows have been plucked much thinner than natural.
  • 2 (pull, pick)
    to pluck something/somebody from something
    arrancar algo/a alguien de algo
    he was plucked from the bosom of his family
    fue arrancado del seno de su familia
    to pluck somebody from the jaws of death
    arrancar a alguien de las garras de la muerte
    she plucked a thorn from my finger
    me sacó una espina del dedo
    Example sentences
    • And boy, Steve reached down today and plucked it just like picking a flower.
    • She reached over and plucked a small grass blade from his hair.
    • She stammered, quickly plucking her favorite perfume off of her dresser and spraying some on.
    Example sentences
    • Riga grinned proudly and plucked at the sleeve of his shirt aimlessly.
    • I plucked at the sleeve of the jacket Roop had given me, trying to think of a change in conversation.
    • Morgan plucked at his sleeve and they both sat down silently on the other bed.
  • 3 (Music)
    Example sentences
    • I sat with the lute in my lap, trying to reach for forgotten notes as my fingers plucked the strings.
    • I watched her fingers pluck the strings gracefully, feeling her courage getting greater with the song.
    • She started strumming, and plucking the strings, and finally singing.

intransitive verb

  • to pluck at something
    tirar de algo
    jalar de algo (Latin America excluding Southern Cone)
    to pluck at a guitar


  • [colloquial] it takes real pluck to …
    hace falta valor or hay que tener coraje para …
    Example sentences
    • And when I was here a few weeks ago, I met with a number of those families, and I was impressed by their pluck, their spirit.
    • At 73 June sings those lyrics with the same determined pluck as she did at 9, revealing an artist whose hopefulness proved as solid and indefatigable as her voice.
    • Admiring her pluck and determination Clint reluctantly takes her on and a fascinating relationship of substitute father and daughter emerges.
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