Translation of poach in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /pəʊtʃ/


  • 1 [Cookery/Cocina] [egg] escalfar; [fish] cocer* a fuego lento poached egg huevo (masculine) escalfado or (River Plate area/Río de la Plata) poché
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    • Salt in the water when poaching eggs will set the white quickly.
    • To poach the eggs, pour 3.5cm of boiling water into a clean frying pan or saucepan and place it over a low heat - the water should show a few bubbles on the base of the pan, but no more.
    • In the breakfast room, over poached eggs, she talks wittily and uninhibitedly.
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    • The food to be poached must be fully immersed in the liquid and not allowed to boil otherwise it can toughen the most delicate protein.
    • The menu covers all eventualities, from salads and burgers to open sandwiches, steaks and chicken, as well as grilled and poached salmon.
    • Which brings me rather neatly to my main course - advertised as poached fillet of salmon with dill and Muscadet, it sounded like a perfect light evening meal.
  • 2 (steal) [game] cazar* furtivamente; [personnel/ideas] robar
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    • She sets traps to try and poach fish from the local pond and checks them daily.
    • Baited explosives are used to hunt pigs while dynamiting is the most popular method employed to poach fish.
    • I think we have to differentiate here between those deer that have been legally shot at and those that have been illegally poached and there is a distinct difference.
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    • Businesses will even more ruthlessly poach skilled workers off each other.
    • ‘It is a fact that we have people in other firms trying to poach my staff telling them not to trust the big employer,’ he said.
    • Last year, the company was forced to award a 17 percent pay increase to its drivers, in an effort to stop them being poached by other train operators.


  • 1.1 (hunt game) cazar* furtivamente 1.2 (encroach) to poach on sb's territory o preserve meterse en terreno de algn

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