Translation of policy in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈpɑːləsi; ˈpɒləsi/

n (pl -cies)

  • 1 u c 1.1 [Pol] política (f) economic/foreign policy política económica/exterior they adopted a policy of neutrality adoptaron una política de neutralidad it is government policy to reduce inflation la reducción de la inflación es una de las directrices de la política gubernamentalpolicy on sth their policy on education su política en materia de educación or en cuanto a educación this government has no policy on wages este gobierno no tiene una política salarial or de salarios (before n) policy decision decisión (f) de política or de estrategia policy document documento (m) normativo policy statement declaración (f) de política
    More example sentences
    • Its real failure was that it adopted the policies that you now propose for the SEP.
    • The Commissioners meet once a week to develop and adopt proposals on new policies and legislation.
    • As a whole this group has failed to propose an active policy for the working class.
    1.2 (standard practice, plan) [Busn] política (f) investment policy política de inversión her policy is to ignore him su táctica es no hacerle ni caso it is good/bad policy es/no es recomendable I always ask her first as a matter of policy tengo por norma preguntarle primero a ellapolicy on sth company policy on advertising la política de la compañía or la línea que sigue la compañía en materia de publicidad
  • 2 c
    (insurance policy)
    (contract) seguro (m); (document) póliza (f) de seguros he took out a new policy se hizo un nuevo seguro
    More example sentences
    • It must also be borne in mind that the insurer was aware of the terms of the dredging contract when the policy was issued.
    • If the driver was covered by a policy of insurance there would usually be no need for such an action.
    • You can buy policies from your mortgage provider, bank, and an insurance broker.

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