Translation of poor in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /pʊr; pɔː(r); pʊə(r)/

adjective/adjetivo (-er, -est)

  • 1 (not wealthy) pobre I'm really poor at the moment ando or estoy de lo más pobre materially rich but spiritually poor rico en dinero pero pobre de espíritu sparkling wine is the poor man's champagne el vino espumoso es el champán de los pobres the standard model is a poor relation of the coupé el modelo estándar es el pariente pobre del cupé
    More example sentences
    • She lives in housing for poor seniors and cannot afford to repair her own vehicle, which she says broke down four years ago.
    • In this way it hopes to boost living standards across a broad swathe of poor rural society.
    • In our developing, but poor and deprived, society it is the task of the government to provide the means of education.
  • 2 (unsatisfactory) [harvest] pobre, escaso; [diet/quality] malo; [imitation] burdo poor in vitamins pobre en vitaminas the acting was poor la interpretación fue pobre her vocabulary is very poor for a child of six tiene un vocabulario muy pobre para una niña de seis años my essay was graded 'poor' me pusieron 'insuficiente' en el trabajo she has a poor grasp of grammar sus conocimientos de gramática no son buenos she's a poor golfer es una jugadora de golf bastante floja or mala theory is a poor substitute for experience la teoría no puede reemplazar a la experiencia you're setting a very poor example for the others les estás dando muy mal ejemplo a los demás a remark/joke in poor taste un comentario/chiste de mal gusto she's in very poor health está muy delicada or muy mal de salud the weather has been poor all week ha hecho mal tiempo toda la semana her father took a poor view of the relationship su padre no veía la relación con buenos ojos
    More example sentences
    • The instruments trudge along at a snail's pace and the recording quality is poor at best.
    • Ignatius Street was a particular problem area with the quality of lighting very poor at each end of it.
    • Smoking, poor diet quality and obesity are all clear markers of social disadvantage and a lack of education.
  • 3 (unfortunate) (before noun/delante del nombre) pobre poor old Charles got soaked el pobre Charles se empapó the poor thing hadn't slept in two days el pobrecito or el pobre llevaba dos días sin dormir you poor thing! ¡pobrecito! she's lost it, poor thing lo ha perdido, la pobre
    More example sentences
    • I have the greatest sympathy for this poor woman in her tragic loss, but just think about it!
    • And I couldn't help but pity the poor chap who finds himself grappling with one of these after a night out on the sauce with his hot date.
    • I saw it's running until March next year and I pity the poor staff.

plural noun/nombre plural

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