There are 2 translations of pound in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /paʊnd/


  • 1 (measure) libra (f) (454 gramos) you've lost a few pounds has adelgazado unos kilitos
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    • A short ton is the standard U.S. ton of 2,000 pounds and measures weight.
    • Birth weight was recorded in pounds and ounces and converted into kilograms.
    • Thus, using this value is a bit like rounding off your own weight to the nearest hundred pounds.
  • 2 (currency) libra (f) Egyptian/Israeli pound libra egipcia/israelí pound sterling libra esterlina (before n) a pound coin una moneda de (una) libra a ten-pound note (BrE) un billete de diez libras
  • 3 (enclosure — for cars) depósito (m); (— for dogs) perrera (f)
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    • Aided by a donkey sanctuary welfare officer, he followed a trail that led him to animal pounds and fields in remote areas in the black of night.
    • It is the animal pound's word against the neighbor's, and although I am guilty of not following the by-law, I hardly think that I deserve the heartache this has caused me.
    • I couldn't put other people's animals in the pound.

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There are 2 translations of pound in Spanish:



  • 1.1 [corn/spices] machacar*; [garlic/chili] majar, machacar*; [dough] trabajar pound the millet down to a fine powder macháquese el mijo hasta reducirlo a un polvo fino
    More example sentences
    • They may have been part of a pre-Christian religious ritual or they may have been communal property in which corn or oats was pounded or ground.
    • Writing, which ought to nurture and give shape to thought, is instead being used to pound it into a powder and then reconstitute it into gruel.
    • Slowly add olive oil to loosen the paste as you pound it then add the rest of the cheese.
    1.2 [table/door] aporrear, golpear he pounded the pavement looking for work pateó las calles en busca de trabajo [familiar/colloquial] the waves pounded the wall las olas batían contra el muro 1.3 [Mil] [defenses] batir, bombardear mortars pounded the village to rubble los morteros redujeron el pueblo a escombros


  • 1.1 (strike, beat) aporrear, golpear he pounded at the door/on the table aporreó or golpeó la puerta/la mesa waves pounded against the cliffs las olas batían contra el acantilado he was pounding away at the piano estaba aporreando el piano the music pounded away all night la música retumbó toda la noche 1.2 [heart] palpitar, latir con fuerza; [sound] retumbar my head is pounding tengo la cabeza a punto de reventar or estallar, me martillea la cabeza
    More example sentences
    • His heart pounded quickly, beating out a fierce tattoo in his strong chest as he walked down the paths which wound and turned into dead ends.
    • There are countless others including some recently written that would take very little to get the blood pounding and the heart throbbing.
    • The man's eyes darted open as he glanced around the room for a moment, heart pounding and hand throbbing in sympathy with the memory.
    1.3 (move) (+ adv compl) the trucks pounded past los camiones pasaban retumbando I could hear his feet pounding down the corridor oía sus pesados pasos por el pasillo
    More example sentences
    • They heard heavy footsteps pounding on the stone steps and they saw Matilda standing in front of them with her smile at its most evil.
    • They could hear him running down the corridor, feet pounding along the steps.
    • Heavy footsteps pounding down the thickly carpeted steps as Ethan entered the room, one of his endless flings hanging onto his arms.
    More example sentences
    • She narrowed her eyes and turned to the door, wanting to pound whoever was out there.
    • This city has been pounded by artillery, by air strikes, by bombardment.
    • A boat from the killer fleet had struck the reef out past the skerries and was being pounded to pieces by the pelting waves.

Definition of pound in: