There are 2 translations of praise in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /preɪz/


uncountable/no numerable
  • 1.1 (credit, applause) elogios (mpl), alabanzas (fpl) he was full of praise for her se deshizo en elogios or en alabanzas para con ella I've nothing but praise for him no tengo más que elogios para él she spoke in praise of her staff habló elogiando or alabando a sus empleados her dedication is beyond praise no hay palabras para elogiar su dedicación he was loud in his praise opraises of their heroism hizo grandes elogios de su heroísmo to give praise where praise is due [set phrase/frase hecha] elogiar a algn como se merece to damn sth with faint praise the reviewers damned the novel with faint praise la parquedad de los elogios de los críticos fue una crítica indirecta de la novela to sing the praises of sth/sb poner* algo/a algn por las nubes, hacer* elogio de algo/algn
    More example sentences
    • I guess all those praises and admiration finally got to me.
    • The least satisfactory aspect of the book is that which has received the most fulsome praise from certain critics.
    • The novel received extremely high praise from critics.
    1.2 [Religion/Religión] alabanza (feminine) songs of praise cánticos (masculine plural) de alabanza let us give praise unto the Lord alabemos al Señor praise be to God alabado sea Dios praise be! (as interjection/como interjección) ¡alabado sea Dios!
    More example sentences
    • Together with you and me, and all the ransomed church, they will ascribe constant praise, worship and glory to the King of Kings.
    • Though our worship and praise add nothing to God's glory, we know that he takes great delight in it.
    • Music is not necessary to win the lost but it is a form of worship and praise to God.

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There are 2 translations of praise in Spanish:



  • 1.1 (compliment) elogiar, hacer* elogio de we praised them for their efforts los elogiamos por sus esfuerzos
    More example sentences
    • People appreciate and praise her, are warmed by her smile and nourished by her soup.
    • Widely praised by the critics, Paul has developed a distinctive voice and shows great potential.
    • Its dedicated team cannot be praised enough for all that it has achieved and what it continues to strive for.
    1.2 [Religion/Religión] alabar praise the Lord! (as interjection/como interjección) ¡alabado sea Dios!
    More example sentences
    • When we have a good destiny, filled with joy and happiness, wealth and prosperity, we rejoice and praise the deity we worship.
    • Since the age of 11, he has been holding programmes where he sings songs praising the Goddess.
    • Of course, senility will come soon, and I praise the Goddess it has held off until now.

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