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Pronunciation: /prer; preə(r)/


  • 1.1 u (praying) oración (f) the power of prayer el poder de la oración the king was at prayer el rey estaba orando (before n) prayer book devocionario (m) the Prayer Bookdevocionario tradicional de la Iglesia Anglicana prayer mat alfombra (f) or (Col, Méx) tapete (m) de oración prayer meeting reunión (f) de oración, reunión (f) para orar 1.2 c (request, petition) oración (f), plegaria (f) my prayers were answered mis plegarias fueron atendidas or escuchadas the Lord's Prayer el Padrenuestro to say one's prayers rezar*, orar [formal] to say a prayer rezar* una oración a prayer for sb/sth una oración por algn/algo not to have a prayer [colloquial/familiar] no tener* ni la más mínima or remota posibilidad
    More example sentences
    • The milder and more beneficent forces of nature were addressed as female deities and invoked with prayers.
    • Human beings are addressing God in prayers for help against the inducements of the devil.
    • God answers our prayers because by addressing them to Him we acknowledge His Lordship and power.
    More example sentences
    • Swan will carry the hopes and prayers of Ireland as the country's current equine hero seeks to retain his crown.
    • She started the restaurant when her marriage dissolved, on little but hope and prayers.
    • Our deepest sympathies, prayers and best wishes go out to our fellow citizens who were injured in the blast.
    1.3 (service) Morning/Evening Prayer oficio (m) de maitines/vísperas (en la Iglesia Anglicana)

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