Translation of precious in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈpreʃəs/


  • 1 1.1 (valuable) [jewel/object] precioso, valiosísimo capture those precious moments with your camera capte esos momentos tan preciados con su cámara fotográfica we lost precious time perdimos tiempo precioso
    More example sentences
    • One of the most beneficial meditations in Buddhism is to contemplate how fortunate we are to have this precious life.
    • The democracy of manners is a precious achievement.
    • An unpleasant manner can lose you precious business.
    1.2 (dear) queridoto be precious to sb this necklace is very precious to her le tiene mucho cariño a este collar your friendship is very precious to me tengo en gran estima tu amistad, valoro mucho tu amistad
    More example sentences
    • We were not rich, but we had a few bits of furniture and other treasures that were precious to us and we took as much as we could, including our piano.
    • I wanted to have something precious to love and care for; it wasn't simply enough to be loved anymore.
    • The results suggested a ragtag yard sale, but for the handwritten notes explaining why each object was so precious to the possessor.
    1.3 [ironic] her precious son su queridísimo hijo [irónico] you can keep your precious ring guárdate tu maldito anillo
    More example sentences
    • There may be precious little grace in these streets, but there's a precious lot of talent in these pages.
    • I spent my time doing chores and praying, leaving precious little time for friendships.
    • He tore it to shreds, leaving precious little of it intact.
  • 2 (affected) [manner/speech/person] preciosista, afectado
    More example sentences
    • It is the most elegant and precious business card in the world.
    • Detailing is refined but never precious, allowing the house to feel at once substantial and robust, light and refined.
    • Forthrightness can override a too precious concern for complete accuracy.


  • [colloquial/familiar] (as intensifier/como palabra enfática) precious few muy pocos, poquísimos she's done precious little to help bien poco ha hecho para ayudar


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