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American English: /ˈprɛʃər/
British English: /ˈprɛʃə/

Translation of pressure in Spanish:


  • 1 uncountable and countable 1.1 (Physics) high/low pressure (Meteorology)
    altas/bajas presiones
    Example sentences
    • Usually the honey is extracted by crushing the comb and letting the honey drain out, often helped by extra pressure from a centrifuge.
    • This scissoring of the bones causes extra pressure to be forced upon the Carpal Tunnel.
    • Nikki took his foot in her lap and applied slight pressure to the tender spot.
    Example sentences
    • The systems and methods apply positive and negative fluid pressures to operate the pump and valve.
    • As for the control, the resulting new steady-state pressures and reflection coefficients of the OPR were measured.
    • The peptides seem to form metastable films which can be compressed to relatively large surface pressures.
    1.2 (press, touch) to put pressure on something
    hacer presión sobre algo
  • 2 uncountable (influence, force) to work under pressure
    trabajar bajo presión
    they are under pressure to accept the offer
    los están presionando para que acepten la oferta
    the government is under pressure from the unions
    los sindicatos están presionando al gobierno
    he confessed under pressure from the police
    confesó presionado por la policía
    to bring pressure to bear on somebody
    ejercer presión sobre alguien
    they are bringing pressure to bear on the government to reform the law
    están ejerciendo presión sobre el gobierno para que reforme la ley
    to put pressure on somebody
    presionar a alguien
    they are putting pressure on the workers to accept the offer
    están presionando a los obreros para que acepten la oferta
    to put/pile on the pressure [colloquial]
    apretar los tornillos [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Second, it effectively concentrates downward pressure of the dollar onto the euro, adding to the problems of the Euro-zone.
    • It was felt that the unemployment situation had already placed downward pressure on wages in the town.
    • She realises now that financial pressure could have an influence on her game.
  • 3 uncountable and countable (demands, stress) pressure of work prevents me from coming
    no puedo asistir por razones de trabajo
    the pressures of city life
    las presiones or las tensiones a las que somete la vida urbana
    I've been under a lot of pressure recently
    últimamente he estado muy agobiado
    the new road has taken the pressure off the town center
    la nueva carretera ha descongestionado el centro de la ciudad

transitive verb

  • to pressure somebody to + infinitive
    presionar a alguien para que + subjunctive
    Congress is pressuring him to accept a compromise
    el congreso lo está presionando para que transija
    to pressure somebody into -inghe was pressured into withdrawing from the competition
    lo presionaron hasta que se retiró del concurso
    Example sentences
    • She didn't want to do it but he pressured her and badgered her until she finally gave in.
    • Mr. Harvey had great expectations of his son, and pressured him to pursue the same career path.
    • To me, pressuring people to withdraw their support for the award is challenging the good faith of the body which chose the winner.
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