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prime 1

American English: /praɪm/
British English: /prʌɪm/

adjective no comparative

  • 1 (major)
    safety is a/the prime consideration
    la seguridad es uno de los principales factores/es el principal factor a tener en cuenta
    to be of prime importance
    ser de primordial or fundamental importancia
    Example sentences
    • He said that for people trying to get away from a life of drugs, having a roof over their heads was of prime importance.
    • One of the prime characteristics of the U.S. upper class is its high level of organization.
    • The productivity of agriculture depends upon the relative scarcity of the two prime factors of production: land and labor.
  • 2 (first-rate)
    in prime condition
    en óptimas condiciones
    en excelente forma
    en excelente estado
    of prime quality
    de primera calidad
    what a prime idiot she is!
    ¡es una idiota de marca mayor!
    Example sentences
    • He said that he knew it was a prime site and an excellent location and the sale reflected confidence in the city as a location for development.
    • For the main course, the choice of a prime cut of red meat gave the meal a high status and, for dessert, the homely comfort of stewed fruit was made special with the addition of port.
    • For meat lovers there were wonderful cuts of prime beef, pork and lamb, rare breed sausages and a whole range of game products.
    Example sentences
    • This is a prime example of falling standards in public services.
    • The three works on this disc are prime examples of Viennese Classicism at its best.
    • For many, intimacy is a prime characteristic of chamber music and the Old Laundry provides that cosy and friendly feel for musicians and audience alike.
  • 3 (Mathematics)
    Example sentences
    • Both 13 and 17 are prime numbers, divisible only by themselves and 1.
    • The rest of the factors are each power of two times that prime number.
    • Every positive integer can be factored into the product of prime numbers, and there's only one way to do it for every number.


  • 1 uncountable (best time) to be in one's prime or in the prime of life
    estar en la flor de la vida or en la mejor edad
    he's past his prime
    ya no es ningún jovencito
    they were cut down in their prime
    murieron en la flor de la vida
    when Romanticism was in its prime
    cuando el romanticismo estaba en su apogeo
    this bread is past its prime [humorous]
    este pan está algo pasadito
    Example sentences
    • Although I'm the same age as Kylie I'm well past the prime of my looks.
    • Here was a father who lost not one but two children in quick succession, in the prime of their lives.
    • Veer-Zaara is running to packed houses and you have several women and youngsters applauding the love one man shows for the woman he met briefly in the prime of his youth.
  • 3 countable (Mathematics)
    Example sentences
    • These are the Fibonacci numbers that are primes.
    • In his thesis Heilbronn also applied his result to primes in an arithmetic progression and to estimates of the sum of the Möbius function.
    • You can also look for sequences of consecutive primes in arithmetic progression.
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There are 2 entries that translate prime into Spanish:

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prime 2

transitive verb

  • 1 (prepare for painting)
    aplicar una capa de imprimación or de base a
    Example sentences
    • If directed, prime the glass surface with a conditioning product.
    • For Sea Form, Bontecou raked wet printer's ink on a primed plastic surface to depict an ethereal, six-pointed star shape that evokes a feathery nest or squirming creature.
  • 2
    Example sentences
    • He opened one of the Reiven's cargo units and reloaded and replaced his two pistols, strapped on a bandolier of explosives and loaded and primed a rifle.
    • Within minutes he found a cache which included AK47 assault rifles, a pistol, six primed grenades, grenade fuses, ammunition, cash, drugs and literature.
    • Before priming a grenade, check that the fuse holder is clean and free from obstruction.
    Example sentences
    • During CPB surgery, the CPB pump must be primed with crystalloid solutions to provide an air-free circuit.
    • If your pharmacist assembled the unit for you, check to see if it has already been primed by pumping the unit once.
    • The pump's valve is put into the well and then its cylinder primed with water to start the process.
  • 3 (brief) she was well primed for the interview
    iba muy bien preparada para la entrevista
    he'd obviously been primed to say that
    era obvio que le habían dicho que dijera eso
    Example sentences
    • Kathy was primed with the information and rang.
    • Lacklustre reviews had primed me for disappointment with this one, and perhaps that's why, as I turned each page, my delight and fascination grew.
    • I couldn't help but feel he was priming me so I'd say all the right things and sell it on his behalf if he should send anyone around for a look.
  • 4 (with drink) they were well primed
    se habían tomado unas cuantas [colloquial]
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