Pronunciation: /prɪnt/


  • 1 u [Print] 1.1 (lettering) letra (f) in large print en letra grande or en caracteres grandes the fine print (AmE) o (esp BrE) small print la letra menuda or pequeña or (AmL tb) chica
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    • New technical terms are presented in the text in bold-faced print and the definitions of these terms are conveniently located at the bottom of each page.
    • The book's overall dimensions, font size, and uses of bold print make it very user friendly.
    • She produced the piece of paper to which the notice had been attached, and which now bore the word ‘Declined’ in bold print, with a signature below.
    1.2 (text, image) a page of print una página impresa acres of print have been devoted to the subject han corrido ríos de tinta sobre el tema the medium of print la letra impresa in print (published) publicado (available) a la venta he hoped to see his work in print esperaba ver su trabajo publicado to get into/appear in print publicarse* he's just gone into print acaban de publicarle una obra out of print agotado descatalogado to go out of print agotarse (before n) print union sindicato (m) de tipógrafos print worker tipógrafo, -fa (m,f)
  • 2 c 2.1 (picture) [Art] [Print] grabado (m) 2.2 [Cin] [Phot] copia (f)
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    • For sharp prints good contact between the negative and sensitized paper is critical.
    • Just under the water sheet, you can see dim grass photographs, two prints coloured to the temperature of glass that glint from one sky refraction to another.
    • When making a print from a negative, parts of the paper are exposed more or less than the rest to hold details in highlights or pull detail from shadows.
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    • A slight flicker is evident from time to time, and there are numerous small scratches in both the film print and the soundtrack.
    • It's a bad print of a film that hasn't been seen much over the past 39 years.
    • Don't miss this opportunity to see a beautiful print of a film that might very well be one of the best you'll see all year.
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    • Apart from paintings her work included prints and designs for stained glass and tapestries.
    • The current exhibition brings together more than 300 paintings, drawings, prints, watercolors and sculptures.
    • Ultimately, Pieter Bruegel's paintings and prints were the weightiest works deriving from the idiom.
  • 3 c (of foot, finger) huella (f), marca (f)
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    • A paw print was found at one of the locations where it was seen.
    • We spent a misty day walking through the forests around Forsmark, where the newly fallen snow held the paw prints of lynx and the big M-shaped hoof marks of moose.
    • Gazing down from her perspective of about ten feet off the surface, boot prints showed up in the dust around the craft.
  • 4 c u (fabric) estampado (m) a floral print un estampado de flores
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    • Natasha, Vivienne and company modelled pastel richly coloured print dresses and two pieces ideal for summer weddings, the races and parties.
    • For a print fabric, convert the front pattern piece to a full piece instead of the half piece with a foldline.
    • Authentic Chinese patterns come to life in silk jacquards, prints and exquisite beaded pieces.

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  • 1 1.1 [letter/text/design] imprimir* the title is printed in red el título está impreso en rojo printed in London impreso en Londres to print sth on/onto sth imprimir* algo en algo
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    • The day after this Sunday creation event, the city newspaper printed a full page article on the creation vs. evolution debate.
    • One newspaper printed a piece under the headline ‘Death of the Butterfly.’
    • I would like to know why it is so hard these days for a skateboard magazine to print any writing at all that describes skating.
    1.2 (print image on) [fabric] estampar
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    • The fabric was printed with a simple design, and the full skirt accentuated her tiny waist.
    • Traditional fabrics were block printed with geometric designs.
    • The cloth is printed with a mix of ethnically distinct Papuan motifs, usually in bright colours (initially due to a difficulty in sourcing dye from Java).
    1.3 (publish) publicar*, editar
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    • In its early days some books were printed on India paper, which was so fine that some volumes were reduced to half their original size.
    • Harsh penalties were imposed for printing newspapers on unstamped paper.
    • Secondly, the book is printed on pulp paper of abysmal quality.
    (printed past p)
    impreso printed papers o matter [Post] impresos (mpl) the printed word la letra impresa printed fabric estampado (m) printed circuit circuito (m) impreso printed circuitry circuitos (mpl) impresos
  • 2 (write clearly) escribir* con letra de imprenta or de molde
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    • The charge that some letters of some signatures are printed rather than written is particularly ludicrous.
    • What I found was a silver chain, with a plaque in which was clearly printed the name ‘Kiley.’
    • I printed MEG PICKARD clearly, and handed her the form.
  • 3 [Phot] [negative] imprimir* to print a copy from sth sacar* una copia de algo
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    • His photographs are occasionally painted on, after being printed from negatives he has altered and scratched.
    • Because they could be printed from a negative, cartes de visite could be mass produced, unlike most earlier photographic processes.
    • The photographs have been printed from a collection of lost negatives that were found by collector John Bosko.
  • 4 (make impression) (usu pass) the footmark was clearly printed in the sand la huella del pie estaba claramente marcada en la arena the scene is printed on my memory tengo la escena grabada en la memoria
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    • Her forehead was swelling red, with the Frisbee's mark printed on it.
    • Another method of hiding the message was printed in the surface of mooncakes as a simple puzzle or mosaic.
    • Despite the fact that I don't understand any of what's printed on them, I really enjoy the tiny red bean mooncakes here... and anything made of taro.


  • 1.1 [Print] [printer/press/computer] imprimir* the book is printing el libro está en la imprenta 1.2 (write clearly) escribir* con letra de imprenta or de molde 1.3 [Phot] salir*
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    • Interior text and images were printed in black and white.
    • At Curwen Studios, Cambridgeshire, they print a lithographic poster using methods Lautrec himself would have used.
    • I had a paper due, but I hadn't used my printer yet so I decided to test it by printing a picture.
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    • We discussed his patents (years earlier) on musical notation, allowing sheet music to be printed out by computers.
    • The images created using computer were printed out and framed.
    • I raced to the school computer lab, printed out the two copies required, and realized I had forgotten my wallet.

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print out

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