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Pronunciation: /ˈprɪzn/


  • 1.1 c (jail) prisión (f), cárcel (f) she's in prison está presa, está en la cárcel he was sent to prison for … lo encarcelaron or lo metieron preso por … her accomplice went to prison for five years su cómplice fue condenado a cinco años de prisión he was released from prison fue puesto en libertad, fue excarcelado [formal] (before n) [system/reform] carcelario, penitenciario; [yard] de la prisión prison cell celda (f) prison governor (BrE) director, -tora (m,f) de una prisión prison guard o (BrE) warder guardia (mf), celador, -dora (m,f) prison officer (BrE) funcionario, -ria (m,f) de prisiones prison population reclusos (mpl), población (f) penitenciaria prison staff personal (m) penitenciario prison visitor visitante (mf) de la cárcel
    More example sentences
    • The significance of this duty to those detained in prison, not least where prisons are crowded and prisoners often dangerous, is obvious.
    • I was told that Mr Young is in prison in the USA awaiting trial on charges of fraud.
    • People who have been in prison and who visit prisons will be with us.
    1.2 u (imprisonment) prisión (f), cárcel (f) after 15 years of prison después de 15 años de prisión or de cárcel (before n) prison sentence o term pena (f) de prisión

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