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process 1

American English: /ˈprɑˌsɛs/
, /ˈproʊˌsɛs/
British English: /ˈprəʊsɛs/


  • 1 1.1 (series of actions, changes) the electoral/decision-making process
    el proceso electoral/de toma de decisiones
    the aging process
    el envejecimiento
    the peace process the process of obtaining a permit
    el trámite para obtener un permiso
    I am in the process of writing to him right now
    en este preciso momento le estoy escribiendo
    we are in the process of buying the house
    estamos con los trámites de la compra de la casa
    he made money, but lost a lot of friends in the process
    hizo dinero pero con ello perdió muchos amigos
    in process (US)
    Example sentences
    • We the Palestinians believe in peace, the intifada has been an effort to achieve a peace process.
    • He breaks every step of the process into a series of questions.
    • Gap analysis of all the business processes is the first step in any e-business project.
    Example sentences
    • Byatt's heroines are victims of a culture whose value-systems are prejudiced against nature and natural processes of ageing.
    • Paul knew that Uncle Edward was a biochemist, and a specialist in natural processes, such as photosynthesis and cellular respiration.
    • Food also provides the building blocks for the body's natural repair and maintenance processes.
    1.2 (method) the compounds obtained using this process
    los compuestos que se obtienen mediante este procedimiento or proceso
    the material has to undergo various processes
    hay que someter el material a varios procesos
  • 3 (Anatomy, Botany, Zoology)
    Example sentences
    • Triangular processes occurred in both bones of pairs 58 times from a total of 334 paired scapulae.
    • These anomalies are often extra appendages or processes, and are probably most often produced by injury when the exoskeleton is soft.
    • These processes of the maxilla sometimes project backward in the median plane, separating the horizontal plates from each other.

transitive verb

  • 1 (treat)
    (raw materials/waste)
    Example sentences
    • That would mean the nightmare of bad smells suffered by residents during the operation of the wool processing plant could be repeated.
    • He had worked for a chemicals processing company, and was also involved in sports.
    • These included chemicals, various processed articles, machines and equipment.
    Example sentences
    • Jai Ram Bhai is just one migration lawyer in Suva who says he's processed about 5,000 emigration applications since May last year.
    • It was impossible for Council officials to process that amount of work in one month.
    • The driver of the jeep was arrested and brought to Navan Station where he was processed under drink-driving legislation and breathalysed.
  • 2 (deal with, handle)
    dar curso a
    ocuparse de
    ocuparse de
  • 3 (Computing)
    Example sentences
    • Images may be processed or stored locally, or transmitted at a lesser rate.
    • The generated data may be processed through the same software used to process the real data.
    • Once the data have been processed through our programs to manipulate the data and to define trip ends, two steps remain.
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There are 2 entries that translate process into Spanish:

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process 2

American English: /prəˈsɛs/
British English: /prəˈsɛs/

intransitive verb

  • (go in procession) [formal]
    ir en procesión
    Example sentences
    • Upon entering the sanctuary, they processed down the aisle towards the altar, which was dimly lit with candles.
    • The men trudged into the bar like polar explorers, and processed soggily towards the fire he'd just lit at the far end of the lounge.
    • The priests process round the church, swinging clouds of incense.
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