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/prəˈduːs; prəˈdjuːs/
  • 1 1.1 (manufacture, yield) [cars/cloth] producir*, fabricar*; [coal/grain/beef] producir*; [fruit] [country/region] producir*; [tree/bush] dar*, producir* these cows produce better milk estas vacas dan mejor leche 1.2 (create, give) [energy/sound] producir*; [interest] producir*, dar*, devengar* a university which has produced many great scientists una universidad que ha dado or de donde han salido muchos grandes científicos he produces a novel a year escribe una novela por año she produces excellent work every time su trabajo es invariablemente excelente
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    • The chemical process that produces ozone can take a few hours so it tends to drift on the wind.
    • As a result, the standard biological healing process produces limited results.
    • That process produces plant material, nearly half of which is carbon.
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    • Entrants will be asked to use their creative skills to produce an eye-catching design to go on a promotional T-shirt.
    • It makes me feel good to be supporting creative artists who produce quality work.
    • You've got that creative talent, you produce the artistic goods, but what if no-one sees it or hears it?
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    • The barrister is obliged to produce the records for inspection to an authorised revenue official at the barrister's place of work.
    • He would not be suspended, provided he produced evidence of his withdrawal to police management.
    • However, no witness told me that and no copy of an original form of Acknowledgment of Order was produced for my inspection.
    1.3 (cause) [joy/reaction] producir*, causar; [effect] surtir, producir* the statement produced the desired effect/an angry response la declaración surtió or produjo el efecto deseado/provocó una respuesta airada it produced very little interest suscitó muy poco interés 1.4 (give birth to) [young] tener*
  • 2 (show, bring out) [ticket/document] presentar; [evidence/proof] presentar, aportar; [gun/knife] sacar* he produced the letter from his pocket sacó la carta del bolsillo
  • 3 3.1 [Cinema/Cine] [Television/Televisión] producir*, realizar*; [Theater/Teatro] [play] poner* en escena; [show] montar, poner* en escena 3.2 [Radio] [Theater/Teatro] (direct) dirigir*
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    • The alternative should be rejected if the result was to produce a situation in which there was discrimination on the grounds of sex.
    • By the transactions I mean the acts in law that had to be effected in order to produce the end result desired.
    • This faith is an effective faith that produces results!
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    • Only the records that Timbaland has produced sound different.
    • Mick Jones has produced the two albums recorded by The Libertines, part of today's generation of angry young musicians.
    • The School are in the process of producing a CD which will contain original hymns to and about St. Attracta and prayers to her and an oral account of her life.


/prəˈduːs; prəˈdjuːs/
  • 1 (manufacture) [factory/industry] producir*
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    • Other car makers have also planned to start producing Audi and Volkswagen cars in the Kingdom this year.
    • Its design was said to make it safe to fly though hard to fly with skill and during its 20 years of manufacture around 9,000 were produced.
    • With profits of roughly $425 million, it produces everything from car parts to fridges.
  • 2 2.1 [Cinema/Cine] [Television/Televisión] encargarse* de la producción or realización; [Theater/Teatro] encargarse* de la puesta en escena 2.2 [Radio] encargarse* de la dirección

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There are 2 translations of produce in Spanish:



uncountable/no numerable /ˈprɑːduːs; ˈprɒdjuːs/
  • productos (masculine plural) (alimenticios) produce of Spain producto de or producido en España our chief produce nuestro principal producto foreign/home-grown/farm produce productos extranjeros/nacionales/de granja
    More example sentences
    • FAO was created for the purpose, inter alia, of improving efficiency in the production of food and agricultural produce.
    • The President pleads for agricultural produce and self-sufficiency.
    • At the market, women from the mountain villages spread agricultural produce under the trees.

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