Translation of profit in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈprɑːfət; ˈprɒfɪt/


c and u
  • 1.1 [Business/Comercio] [Economics/Economía] ganancias (feminine plural), beneficios (masculine plural), utilidades (feminine plural) (Latin America/América Latina) they didn't make a profit no sacaron ganancias, no obtuvieron beneficios or (in Latin America also/en América Latina también) utilidades to sell sth at a profit vender algo con ganancia they sold their house at a good profit hicieron bastante dinero con la venta de la casa this service does not operate at a profit este servicio no es rentable we made a profit of $2,000 obtuvimos beneficios or (in Latin America also/en América Latina también) utilidades de $2.000 there's no profit in farming these days hoy en día la agricultura no es rentable or no da dinero to take profits realizar* beneficios or (in Latin America also/en América Latina también) utilidades with-profits insurance seguro-ahorro (masculine) (before noun/delante del nombre) profit and loss account cuenta (feminine) de ganancias y pérdidas profit forecast predicción (feminine) de ganancias or beneficios the profit motive el lucro
    More example sentences
    • Since most do not operate to earn profits, these enterprises do not pay dividends to shareholders.
    • Non-residents are only taxed on income or profits earned from Irish sources.
    • If their reversal generates excessive exchange rate movements they are able to earn large profits.
    1.2 (advantage) (no plural/sin plural) they turned the situation to their own profit sacaron provecho de la situación there's no profit to be had by arguing with him no se saca or no se gana nada discutiendo con él

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • to profit from sth sacar* provecho de algo, beneficiarse de algo she profited greatly from the experience sacó mucho provecho de la experiencia, la experiencia le aprovechó mucho

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