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American English: /prəˈpɔrʃ(ə)n/
British English: /prəˈpɔːʃ(ə)n/

Translation of proportion in Spanish:


  • 1 (part) (no plural) a large or high proportion of the voters
    gran parte de los votantes
    un gran porcentaje de los votantes
    a proportion of the money raised
    parte or un porcentaje del dinero recaudado
    Example sentences
    • Improbable though it sounds, this attitude appears to be shared by a proportion of companies in almost every sector of the British economy.
    • What I said was they were given proportionally, and the member's proportion was correct.
    • There is also little agreement over what proportion of a prison population needs to be locked up in this way.
  • 2 countable and uncountable (ratio) mix them in the proportion four to three
    mézclelos en una proporción de cuatro partes por cada tres
    in equal proportions
    por partes iguales
    to vary in direct/inverse proportion with something
    variar en proporción directa/inversa a algo
    in proportion to something
    en proporción a algo
    Example sentences
    • Thus the ratio of the proportions of deleterious mutations and nonsynonymous sites to that at synonymous sites is 6.6: 1.
    • Medieval theories of ratios and proportions and of the intension and remission of forms were applied to problems of motion.
    • The odds ratio is the same whichever way round we look at the table, but the difference and ratio of proportions are not.
  • 3 uncountable (proper relation) the head isn't in proportion to the body
    la cabeza no está (bien) proporcionada or está desproporcionada con respecto al cuerpo
    let's keep things in proportion
    no exageremos
    to blow something up out of all proportion
    exagerar algo desmesuradamente
    you're getting everything out of proportion
    estás exagerando las cosas
    estás sacando las cosas de quicio (Spain)
    his salary is out of all proportion to his talent
    su sueldo no guarda proporción con su talento
    he has no sense of proportion
    es un exagerado
    Example sentences
    • Dürer, the first artist in the North to take up these studies, was obsessed throughout his life by the search for ideal proportion.
    • Fashion may have changed over the years, but the pursuit of that ideal body proportion has not.
    • The curtain style can make or break the total harmony and proportion of a room, and we are constantly asked how to choose the most appropriate style for a window.
  • 4
    also: proportions plural
    proporciones (feminine plural)
    dimensiones (feminine plural)
    Example sentences
    • To my mind this was the defining moment in the great India-Pakistan cricketing divide when contests assumed proportions and dimensions other than mere sport.
    • She was small; petite, some might say, in terms of proportions.
    • Her relationships assume other proportions even as the country goes through the throes of upheaval.

transitive verb

  • proportion the model on a scale of 1:100
    haz la maqueta a escala 1:100
    the drawing is poorly proportioned
    el dibujo está mal proporcionado or no está proporcionado
    a perfectly proportioned building
    un edificio de proporciones perfectas
    a well-proportioned room
    una habitación de buenas proporciones
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