Translation of proud in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /praʊd/

adj (-er, -est)

  • 1 1.1 (pleased, satisfied) [parent/winner] orgulloso; [smile/moment] de orgullo to be proud of sb/sth estar* orgulloso de algn/algo I'm very proud of my son estoy muy orgulloso de mi hijo that's nothing to be proud of no es como para enorgullecerse or estar orgulloso I hope you're proud of yourself! [ironic/irónico] ¡me imagino que estarás muy orgulloso! [ironic/irónico]to be proud to + infinitive/infinitivo we are proud to present that great singer … tenemos el honor de presentarles al gran cantante … I am proud to have been his friend el hecho de haber sido amigo suyo me enorgullece or me llena de orgullo I would be proud to present the prizes sería un honor para mí hacer la entrega de los premios to be proud that estar* orgulloso de que we are proud that our son has been chosen estamos or nos sentimos orgullosos de que nuestro hijo haya sido seleccionado to do sb/oneself proud [colloquial/familiar] his workmates did him proud at his leaving party sus compañeros le organizaron una magnífica despedida they did us proud at the hotel nos trataron a cuerpo de rey en el hotel your performance was brilliant: you really did yourself proud tu actuación fue genial, la verdad es que te luciste
    More example sentences
    • This party has a long, proud history of opposing anti-Semitism.
    • The after-party was an enormously proud event for me that night.
    • The centre was a proud achievement for all concerned and is a wonderful amenity for all age groups.
    1.2 (having self-respect) [nation/race] digno, altivo
    More example sentences
    • As I said during the last couple of weeks, everyone in our Association is very proud of her achievements.
    • The cousins' parents were delighted and very proud of their sons achievements.
    • Before Labour left office, there was a high level of customer satisfaction of 89 per cent, another achievement to be proud of.
    1.3 (arrogant, haughty) [person] orgulloso, arrogante, altanero to be proud ser* orgulloso she's too proud to admit her mistake es demasiado orgullosa para reconocer su error he looked at them with proud contempt los miró con arrogante desprecio
    More example sentences
    • We never like a person who is haughty, too proud, or condescending.
    • You're arrogant and proud and you have no sense of what's important in life.
    • He was proud, arrogant, and most importantly he thought that he was God's gift to women.
    1.4 (splendid) soberbio, imponente
    More example sentences
    • Dolly's coat is back to almost normal, her tail is bushy and splendid once more, proud and prominent and waving in the air.
    • These names were old, proud and noble; fit to house my heroes in pinstriped jerseys.
    • Once the proud residences of merchant princes and princelings, they have fallen sadly from grace.
  • 2 (protruding) (especially British English/especialmente inglés británico) (predicative/predicativo) to be proud sobresalir* it's an inch proud of the surface sobresale una pulgada de la superficie

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