Translation of prove in Spanish:


(past proved past p, proved or , proven)
Pronunciation: /pruːv/


  • 1 (verify, demonstrate) [theory/statement] probar*; [theorem/innocence] probar*, demostrar*; [loyalty/courage] demostrar* they couldn't prove that she was lying no pudieron demostrar or probar que mentía to prove one's point demostrar* que uno tiene razón or está en lo cierto can you prove where you were that night? ¿tiene pruebas de dónde estaba usted aquella noche? to prove sb right/wrong demostrar* que algn tiene razón or está en lo cierto/está equivocado to prove sth right/wrong demostrar* que algo es/no es cierto tests proved the drug (to be) effective los experimentos demostraron que el medicamento era eficaz
  • 2 2.1 (test) [weapon/system] probar* 2.2 [Law] [will] comprobar*, verificar*
    More example sentences
    • The Moores stayed on the homestead long enough to prove it up and get title which would be three years.
    • I'm sure he was wondering who could prove it up, and I started thinking I was going to be called as an adverse witness.
    More example sentences
    • Illuminating reality without recourse to truth is proving a difficult proposition.
    • It emphasised that ‘the courts are not the place to prove new medical truths’.
    • An indictment is far from a conviction but as Martin Kramer points out, this refusal to recognise inconvenient truths is also proving an indictment on their claims of expertise.
    More example sentences
    • Once academic scientific studies were established they rejected and ridiculed anything spiritual or metaphysical if it could not be proven by a mathematical formula.
    • What no one is yet prepared to do is go on record as saying he has proved the Poincare Conjecture.
    • She proves a well known (to mathematicians!) theorem of homological algebra.

v refl

  • to prove oneself he was given three months to prove himself le dieron tres meses para que demostrara su valía the new system has not yet proved itself in battle conditions la eficacia del nuevo sistema en combate está aún por demostrarse he has proved himself to be a great actor ha demostrado ser un gran actor


  • 1 (turn out) resultar his advice proved useless sus consejos resultaron (ser) inútiles it proved to be very difficult resultó ser muy difícil
    More example sentences
    • Completeness, however, is an elusive goal and proves quite difficult to achieve in the arena of electronic state government information.
    • Optimism proved short-lived, though, as Sheffield scored twice more to earn a convincing victory.
    • But he was determined to prove he could achieve success somehow - and eventually he did.
  • 2 [Culin] [dough] levar, leudar
    More example sentences
    • Place the dough in a lightly oiled bowl, cover with clingfilm and leave to prove for about two hours in a warm area.
    • When making bread with the fermented dough, the dough must be removed from the fridge at least 2 hours in advance, to allow it to prove.
    • Prove dough for 60-90 minutes until dough passes the finger-tip test.

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