There are 2 translations of pulse in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /pʌls/


  • 1 [Physiology/Fisiología] pulso (masculine) I could feel my pulse racing sentía que el corazón me latía muy rápido to take sb's pulse tomarle el pulso a algn to keep one's finger on the pulse estar* al tanto de lo que pasa (before noun/delante del nombre) pulse beat ritmo (masculine) cardíaco
  • 3 [Physics/Física] pulsación (feminine), impulso (masculine)
    More example sentences
    • A short pulse or wave of electromagnetic radiation is transmitted from the system into the ground.
    • Although short pulses of radio waves briefly disturb this spin alignment, the spins promptly realign in the direction of the magnetic field.
    • The researchers used laser pulses to produce a wave packet that contained the outer electron of a lithium atom and traveled around the nucleus on an elongated elliptical orbit.

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • [heart/blood vessel] latir the beam pulsed twice a second [Electronics/Electrónica] el rayo emitía dos pulsaciones por segundo

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