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American English: /pərdʒ/
British English: /pəːdʒ/

Translation of purge in Spanish:

transitive verb

  • 1 (cleanse)
    you must purge this hatred from your soul, you must purge your soul of this hatred
    debes desterrar ese odio de tu alma
    Example sentences
    • Mill purged the text of almost all direct references to contemporary individuals, organizations, and institutions.
    • Something badly needed to be done to purge the country of its weapons.
    • Having widely publicised their plan to EPO test in Edmonton, the athletics body has provided drugs cheats the necessary time needed to purge their system of the blood-boosting substance.
    Example sentences
    • Although most bulimics purge by vomiting, abuse of laxatives or diuretics also occurs.
    • Bulimics purge by vomiting, strict dieting, fasting (not eating), exercising, or by taking laxatives.
    • Victims of the plague were treated by blood-letting, purging with laxatives and the lancing of the plague-boils.
  • 2 (Politics)
    hacer una purga en
    to purge something (of somebody/something)
    purgar algo (de alguien/algo)
    he purged the armed forces of extremist elements
    purgó las fuerzas armadas de elementos extremistas
    to purge somebody (from something)
    expulsar a alguien (de algo)
    Example sentences
    • She purged the Department of Education's top ranks of educators favoring a traditional pedagogical approach.
    • My editorship came to a rather abrupt end after President John F. Kennedy purged the U.S. Civil War Commission's members and staff.
    • He was purged from the Republican Clubs / The Workers' Party in 1979 as a ‘disruptive influence’.
  • 3 (atone for)
    Example sentences
    • It's a common theme in movies, the American who purges bad feelings by facing danger head on, and director Joe Johnston is clumsy with it.
    • The hijackers used fanatical certainty, misplaced religious faith, and dehumanising hatred to purge themselves of the human instinct for empathy.
    • The purpose of tragedy is catharsis, a powerful emotional experience in which the audience purges the emotions of pity and fear.
    Example sentences
    • I make it plain it is open to you, Mr Rothschild, to apply to the court, in this court, to purge your contempt.
    • But their joy turned to anger after the judge reduced the sentence after agreeing to purge the contempt of court conviction.
    • The men were prepared to purge their contempt of court simultaneously with Shell collapsing its injunction against them.


  • (Medicine, Politics)
    Example sentences
    • The government's purges of the civil service, unions, police, and armed forces also weakened the party's potential for political action.
    • I propose a purge of the party leadership.
    • After the restoration of the absolute monarchy in 1814, Goya narrowly survived a purge.
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