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put on

  • 1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 1.1
    put your coat on you can put your clothes back on now
    puede vestirse
    I'll put the soup on
    voy a poner la sopa a calentar
    she suddenly put the brakes on
    frenó de repente
    put the handbrake on
    pon el freno de mano
    1.3 (gain) I've put on four kilos
    he engordado cuatro kilos
    hasn't he put on weight!
    ¡qué gordo está!
    ¡cómo ha engordado!
    she's put ten years on in the last few months
    ha envejecido diez años en estos últimos meses
    1.4 (produce, present)
    poner en escena [formal]
    1.5 (assume)
    she put on a show of anger
    fingió estar furiosa
    she puts on such airs!
    ¡se da unos aires!
    he's not hurt: he's just putting it on
    no le pasa nada, está haciendo teatro or está fingiendo
    he put on a foreign accent
    fingió tener acento extranjero
    1.6 (operate)
  • 2verb + object + adverb 2.1 (connect) (Telecommunications)Mr Jones to speak to you — put him on, would you?
    el señor Jones quiere hablar con usted — pásemelo, por favor
    shall I put her on?
    ¿le paso con ella?
    I'll put you on to the sales manager
    le paso or lo comunico con el jefe de ventas
    2.2 (alert)to put somebody on to somebody/somethingsomebody had put the police on to them
    alguien había puesto a la policía sobre su pista
    who put them on to the fraud?
    ¿quién les dio la pista de que había habido fraude?
    ¿quién les pasó el dato de que había habido fraude? (Southern Cone)
    2.3 (introduce)to put somebody on to somebody/somethingI can put you on to someone who …
    puedo ponerte en contacto con una persona que …
    she put me onto a shop where …
    me dijo de una tienda donde …
    me dio el dato de una tienda donde … (Southern Cone)
    I've started yoga; it was Bob who put me on to it
    he empezado a hacer yoga; fue Bob que me lo recomendó
    2.4 (tease) (US) [colloquial]
    tomarle el pelo a [colloquial]
    you're putting me on!
    ¡me estás tomando el pelo! [colloquial]
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There are 2 entries that translate put on into Spanish:

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American English: /ˈpʊd ˌɑn/

adjective predicative put on

  • [colloquial]
    his headache is all put on
    lo del dolor de cabeza es puro cuento or puro teatro [colloquial]


  • 1 (pretense, façade) it's just a put-on
    es pura comedia
    es puro teatro [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • It's hard to tell if it's brilliant or a put-on, or just a brilliant put-on.
    • Spade offered them a contrived story about this all being a put-on to make them look foolish.
    • ‘Frankly, I still have to believe it's a put-on,’ says Ireland.
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