There are 2 translations of queer in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /kwɪr; kwɪə(r)/


  • 1 (odd) raro, extraño how queer! ¡qué raro or extraño or curioso! I think he's a bit queer in the head creo que está un poco mal de la cabeza [colloquial/familiar] to be in queer street [colloquial/familiar] [dated/anticuado] (British English/inglés británico) estar* agobiado de deudas [colloquial/familiar]
    More example sentences
    • Something in Dana's head felt weird, but not any stranger than the queer feeling in her heart.
    • I invite you to relive this most extraordinary of expeditions with me as we explore the strange and queer lands of England, Scotland, and the airport in Germany.
    • The only strange thing was a queer kind of mound, in a glade by the bank of a stream.
  • 3 (unwell) (British English/inglés británico) [colloquial/familiar], (usually predicative/generalmente predicativo) mal, indispuesto to feel queer encontrarse* mal or indispuesto


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