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American English: /kwɪk/
British English: /kwɪk/

Translation of quick in Spanish:

adjective quicker, quickest

  • 1 (speedy)
    it's a lot quicker by car
    se va mucho más rápido en coche
    he made a quick recovery
    se repuso rápidamente
    I'll be as quick as I can
    volveré ( or lo haré etc. ) lo más rápido que pueda
    that was quick!
    ¡qué rapidez!
    OK, but make it quick
    bueno, pero apúrate (Latin America)
    they arrived in quick succession
    llegaron muy seguidos or uno detrás del otro
    to be quick on one's feet
    tener buenos reflejos
    ser rápido de reflejos
    Example sentences
    • They are a fine team with very fast and quick forwards and they are pressing for the top place in the group and if they beat us they will do that.
    • With electric gates which can be operated from either end of the pit cows make a quick entry and a fast exit.
    • While being quick and fast, those involved in the relief and rescue work should maintain their temper, he noted.
  • 2 (brief) (before noun, no comparative)
    let me have a quick look
    déjame que eche un vistazo
    let's have a quick swim
    vamos a darnos un chapuzón
    he'd like a quick word with you
    quiere hablar contigo un momento
    shall we take a quick vote?
    ¿lo ponemos a votación?
    time for a quick one?
    ¿nos tomamos una copa?
    Example sentences
    • Bails was tired but met for a quick drink after work.
    • We were supposed to be having ‘a quick drink’, but it ended up being dinner for about eight and the bar actually ran out of wine.
    • The set was two and a half hours of music with a twenty-minute interval for drinks and some quick reprogramming of the lights and video projectors.
  • 3 (prompt) she has a very quick temper
    tiene el genio vivo
    tiene mucho genio
    es una polvorita [colloquial]
    he's quick to take offense
    se ofende por lo más mínimo or por cualquier nimiedad
    they were quick to spot the problem
    identificaron el problema rápidamente
    she was quick to come to my assistance
    vino rápidamente en mi ayuda or a ayudarme
  • 4 (clever) he has a quick wit
    es muy agudo
    she has a very quick mind
    es muy lista or rápida
    las pilla or las caza al vuelo [colloquial]
    to have a quick eye (for something)
    darse cuenta enseguida (de algo)
    ser un lince (para algo)

adverb quicker, quickest

  • come quick
    ven corriendo or rápido
    quick, hide in here
    rápido or corre, escóndete aquí
    get here as quick as you can
    ven lo más rápido or deprisa que puedas
    quick march! (Military)
    ¡paso ligero!
    Example sentences
    • Exxon and Shell say if we don't do something quick the 2004 convention sponsorship deal is off.
    • So get your ducks quick as they are flying out of the place.
    • How quick we have forgotten the sacrifice demanded of those whose homes and communities that stood in the way of the inner relief folly.


  • 1 (flesh) (+ singular verb) the quickher nails were bitten to the quick
    tenía las uñas en carne viva de mordérselas
    to cut somebody to the quick
    herir a alguien en lo más vivo
    Example sentences
    • You'll enjoy the movie if your idea of a good time is sitting glued to the edge of your seat chewing your fingernails down to the quick.
    • This will prevent the quick from growing too long and prevent the nail from bleeding.
    • As she packed, I saw her hands and her once beautiful nails were bitten to the quick.
  • 2 (living people) (+ plural verb) the quick [literary]
    los vivos
    Example sentences
    • They will die as you died, in the footsteps of the dead that were quick.
    • From the salvation of the dead we move to the healing of the quick.
    • This law renders willful killing of an unborn ‘quick’ child by any injury to the mother of the child to be manslaughter.
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