There are 2 translations of race in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /reɪs/


  • 1 1.1 (contest) carrera (f) cycle/car/horse race carrera ciclista/automovilística or de coches/de caballos boat race regata (f) to run in a race tomar parte en una carrera she ran a good race corrió bien a race against the clock/against time una carrera contra reloj/contra el tiempo the race is on for the Republican nomination ha empezado la contienda para la nominación republicana it was a race to finish before noon tuvimos que hacerlo a la carrera para acabar antes del mediodía the presidential race la carrera presidencial the arms race la carrera armamentista or de armamentos
    More example sentences
    • The final two races at Hawthorne Race Course on Wednesday were cancelled due to inclement weather conditions.
    • A mate of mine who's a jockey once won a race on a horse of the same name, interestingly enough.
    • In varsity and Olympic competition, races may involve boats with one, two, four, or eight rowers.
    (races pl)
    [Equ] the races las carreras (de caballos) to go to the races ir* al hipódromo, ir* a las carreras
    More example sentences
    • The association fears the races will either have to be scaled down to an invitation race in September or cancelled completely for lack of funds.
    • It describes a lifetime, Mick's own lifetime, spent attending the races and punting on dogs and horses with varying degrees of success.
    • Our ten grand prize finalists and their guests were treated to a VIP day at the races, each excited by the fact that they were in with a one in ten chance of winning a sleek new car.
  • 2 2.1 c u [Anthrop] raza (f) the black/white race la raza negra/blanca the human race el género humano he is of mixed race es mestizo (of black and white descent) es mulato to be a race apart ser* de otra casta (before n) race discrimination discriminación (f) racial race hatred odio (m) racial race riot disturbio (m) racial 2.2 (group) estirpe (f) the new race of young professionals la nueva estirpe de jóvenes profesionales
    More example sentences
    • This sedentary behaviour is apparently turning our kids into a race of slothful fatties who risk a reduced lifespan and other problems.
    • They are not a race apart - it could happen to any one of us at any time.
    • As a matter of fact isn't ‘redneck’ a word used in disdain to describe a race and class of people?
    More example sentences
    • He stated that if the wide gap between the two major races continued to exist it could lead to serious threats to security and economic development.
    • Different races clearly have different physical characteristics, but the case for a generalised superiority of one race over the other is weak.
    • Jews represent a group of people rather than a distinct race or ethnicity.
    More example sentences
    • People of European origin, Asians, and people of mixed race enjoy the best standard of living.
    • He wishes to claim that in this society sex is a more fundamental fact about people than race.
    • People of mixed race are being excluded from society and face prejudice from both sides.
    More example sentences
    • They sought to weld the country's diverse ethnicities into a Brazilian race defined in historical and cultural terms.
    • We Scots might be handsome but, as a race, we're not renowned for our height.
    • We are trying to find out why the British as a race find it amazingly funny to take their clothes off.
  • 3 3.1 (channel) canal (m)
    (mill race)
    caz (m)
    3.2 (strong current) corriente (f)
    More example sentences
    • It is this submerged reef that causes fierce surges of current in the tide races in the area.
    • The rescue proved timely, as the area is prone to large tidal races.
    • The Crew dropped anchor in the hope of keeping out of the tide race, which is very strong between the Isle of Eynhallow and Mainland.

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There are 2 translations of race in Spanish:



  • 1.1 (rush) (+ adv compl) she raced down the hill on her bike bajó la cuesta en bicicleta a toda velocidad I had to race to the store tuve que ir corriendo a la tienda the time simply raced by el tiempo pasó volando he raced through the ceremony celebró la ceremonia a toda prisa
    More example sentences
    • His mind was racing, full of a complex mix of worry and hope.
    • Her mind raced, her eyes moving over the possible hiding places.
    • She was all jittery and her mind was racing ahead of her.
    1.2 (in competition) correr, competir* he will not be racing in Monaco no correrá or no competirá en Monaco let's race to that tree vamos, te echo or (RPl) juego una carrera hasta aquel árbol
    More example sentences
    • The pair raced down the backstretch well clear of the rest of the field and turning into the stretch Tango for Tips put her nose in front.
    • Fantastic Light will be one of the leading contenders for the Classic although he has never previously raced on a dirt track.
    • Family and friends race each other and compete out on the water.
    1.3 [pulse/heart] latir aceleradamente; [engine] acelerarse my mind was racing las ideas se me agolpaban en la cabeza
    More example sentences
    • Deep blue eyes stare at me, cold and hard, and my heart is racing with fear.
    • Steven's heard raced, of course someone would have mentioned this!
    • My heart is racing, from excitement and the first 2-mile climb.


  • 1.1 (compete against) echarle or (RPl) jugarle* una carrera a I'll race you! ¡te echo or (RPl) juego una carrera! 1.2 [horse/car] correr con I raced a Ferrari last season la temporada pasada corrí con un Ferrari
    More example sentences
    • The event had a mixture of modern and classic cars and everything from Bentleys to Formula One vehicles were raced.
    • Martin began racing stock cars at 15 on dirt tracks near his home in Batesville, Ark.
    • Whether you would rather race touring cars around Brands Hatch or hop Baja Beetles over rough dirt tracks, the choice is yours.
    1.3 (make go too fast) [engine] acelerar
    More example sentences
    • Kevin's Kurdish driver, Adnan, had raced his engine and clogged up the carburetor of his Nissan.
    • The driver simply races the engine, trying harder to get away.
    • While sitting on the bike and racing the engine, he felt the motorcycle accidentally slipping into gear.

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