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Pronunciation: /reɪz/

Translation of raise in Spanish:

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1 1.1 (move upwards) [head/hand] levantar, alzar*; [eyebrows] arquear; [blind/window] subir; [flag] izar* they couldn't raise the wreck no pudieron sacar a flote los restos del barco to raise a cloud of dust levantar una nube de polvo he raised his eyes from his book levantó los ojos del libro he raised his hat se levantó el sombrero
    Example sentences
    • It is slowly raised upright, a careful job made more arduous by high heat and humidity.
    • Squeeze with your glutes and hamstrings to push your hips forward and raise your torso back to the upright position.
    • In 1990 the tree on which they grow was blown over by a cyclone - or the fringes of one - but we managed to raise it up again.
    1.2 (make higher) [shelf/level/hem] subir
    Example sentences
    • Kim yelled from the platform as she raised her arms and closed her eyes.
    • I didn't notice that the easel was on a platform raised seven inches above the ground.
    • Lee tried to throw a punch at his nemesis, but couldn't raise his arm above the level of his belt.
  • 2 2.1 (set upright) levantar she bent down and gently raised him (up) se agachó y lo levantó con cuidado Lazarus was raised from the dead Lázaro resucitó de entre los muertos 2.2 (erect) [monument/building] levantar, erigir* [formal]
    Example sentences
    • But what distinguishes the worst architect from the best of bees is this, that the architect raises his structure in imagination before he erects it in reality.
    • By raising the mill structure, the work caused the River Sow to back up upstream leading to flooding in the southern part of the town.
    • After the barn was raised, I built a cowshed and horse stall on the east side.
    Example sentences
    • They will raise an interim invoice in respect of the work that the claims manager will carry out on the case.
    • Although the computer was used to raise invoices it did not print a sales day book.
    • We would then raise an invoice for £75k with standard payment terms.
    Example sentences
    • Later that afternoon, I heard another climber raising his partners farther down the mountain on his two-way radio.
    • She figured she was safe enough to try raising the prison, so she configured the radio and transmitted a hailing.
    • He raised the U.S. Coast Guard on VHF radio but was unable to provide his coordinates.
  • 3 3.1 (increase) [pressure/temperature] subir, aumentar, elevar; [price/salary] subir, aumentar; [volume] subir, aumentar she raised her voice to me me levantó la voz I'll raise you $5 te subo or (Mexico/México) reviro 5 dólares más to raise a number to a power [Mathematics/Matemáticas] elevar un número a una potencia to raise the school-leaving age extender* la escolaridad obligatoria 3.2 (improve, heighten) [consciousness/awareness] aumentar, acrecentar*; [standing/reputation] aumentar to raise quality standards mejorar el nivel de calidad don't raise his hopes no le des demasiadas esperanzas it raised my spirits me levantó el ánimo, me animó that gesture raised him in my estimation con ese gesto subió en mi estima
    Example sentences
    • I think at the time they probably salvaged the shell that was on board and they were hoping to perhaps raise the vessel and restore it and get it going again.
    • Cousteau raised the vessel and had it transported to France to await restoration.
    • Divers have been visiting the wreck for the first time since the main part of the ship was raised in 1982.
    Example sentences
    • The increase comes amidst reports that all banks are set to raise interest rates after years of offering cheap credit.
    • It is the fourth time the Bank has raised interest rates since November.
    • Last week, both the United States Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank raised interest rates.
  • 4 (promote) to raise sb to sth ascender* or elevar a algn a algo he was raised to the peerage le concedieron un título nobiliario
    Example sentences
    • Auchinleck's successful career in the Indian Army had, by 1939, raised him to the rank of maj-general.
    • Thus by virtue of her humility she was raised to a higher rank.
    • He deftly sidestepped the falls of Anne Boleyn and Thomas Cromwell and was raised to the peerage.
  • 5 5.1 [money/funds] recaudar we raised $20,000 recaudamos 20.000 dólares to raise a loan (against sth) conseguir* or obtener* un préstamo (poniendo algo como garantía) to raise an invoice preparar una factura 5.2 [army/supporters] reclutar
    Example sentences
    • Different student clubs within the community are planning events to raise funds and provide resources for the relief effort.
    • The money raised by this collection was used to paint the corridors of the school.
    • He had to sell part of the stamp collection to raise funds.
  • 7 [subject] sacar*; [objection/question] formular, hacer*, plantear there's a point I'd like to raise hay un asunto que quisiera mencionar or plantear to raise sth with sb plantearle algo a algn, tratar algo con algn there are a couple of matters I want to raise with you hay un par de asuntos que quisiera plantearle or que quisiera tratar con usted
    Example sentences
    • They raise serious doubts about her past and present conduct, and whether she should have been allowed to settle in Australia.
    • There is nothing to forgive anyone for; no one need feel guilty about raising any doubts about the proposal.
    • He raises some doubts about some of this information.
  • 8 8.1 [child/family] criar*, educar* I was raised in Alabama crecí or me crié en Alabama 8.2 [wheat/corn] cultivar they raise cattle se dedican a la cría de ganado
    Example sentences
    • He now has no land to grow crops or raise cattle.
    • In the wild, fruit trees are raised from seed, but when they are domesticated they need to be propagated by taking cuttings and grafting.
    • Danish agriculture is so different, even though we raise the same crops and face the same challenges as the States.
    Example sentences
    • One of the strangest things that happens to you when you are raising a toddler is how the normally mundane things get you incredibly excited.
    • A divorced woman raising a youngster is nearly three times more likely to file for bankruptcy than her single friend who never had children.
    • Traditionally, the mother was the primary caregiver, but recently the father and other family members have been recognized as equally important in raising infants.
  • 9 9.1 (by radio) ponerse* en contacto con 9.2 [Nautical/Náutica] [land] avistar
  • 10 [demon/spirit] invocar*
    Example sentences
    • Joan is captured by York while raising demonic spirits.
    • Even our closest allies in the US and UK were shocked and mortified, raising the ghost of the White Australia policy.
    • Witches are thought to have the power to raise angry spirits, and the anger of a spirit may or may not be justified in the view of the affected family.
  • 11 (cause to form) [blisters/bumps] levantar
  • 12 (bring to an end) [siege] levantar
    Example sentences
    • In 1836 the British Legion helped raise the siege of San Sebastián, and regular Royal Marines arrived to garrison a nearby port.
    • In May 1645 Prince Rupert captured Leicester, forcing the parliamentarians to raise the siege of Oxford.
    • On the approach of the Frankish army he again raised the siege, but this time the Franks gave battle.


  • (American English/inglés norteamericano) aumento (masculine) or subida (feminine) de sueldo

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