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American English: /ræm/
British English: /ram/


  • 1 (Zoology)
    Example sentences
    • Mr Watkinson, from Constable Burton, near Leyburn, won best male with his aged ram.
    • So a bellwether is the head ram with a bell hung around its neck.
    • Young rams fertilize ewes using coursing tactics, whose success is independent of their dominance rank.
  • 2 2.1 (Mechanics)
    martillo (masculine) pilón
    martinete (masculine)
    Example sentences
    • He says one man with a hoe ram on a Bobcat can break the same amount of concrete that two or three men could do with a jackhammer.
    • The high-speed tine rams push into the turf and then pull out quickly, leaving little or no scuffing at the top of the hole.
    also: battering ram
    2.3 (on ship)
    Example sentences
    • Its bronze ram could smash enemy ships and armed soldiers could leap aboard a foe's vessel in hand-to-hand combat with spears and swords.
    • The galley's major weapon was originally a ram on the water-line, used to hole enemy ships or to smash their oars.
    • The Virginia carried ten major guns (four in each broadside, one bow and one stern gun) and an iron ram.

transitive verb present participle ramming past tense, past participle rammed

  • 1 (force) (+ adverb complement) he rammed the stake into the ground
    hincó or clavó la estaca en la tierra
    he rammed his hands into his pockets
    se metió las manos con fuerza en los bolsillos
    don't ram the clothes into the drawer
    no aprietes la ropa en el cajón
    Example sentences
    • The raven shot down through the dark and rammed his beak into the sergeant's hat.
    • She pulled her sword close, and rammed the blade's tip into the ground with great force.
    • Swerving around, he then rammed them into the wall with all the force he could bear.
  • 2 (run into)
    embestir contra
    he rammed his car into a tree
    estrelló el coche contra un árbol
    Example sentences
    • Taylor drove off and rammed head-on into a car driven by a pensioner before he managed to get away.
    • Never stop to argue a fine point with another driver who has just rammed into your stationary car at a red light.
    • In a matter of seconds my father had rammed into the car in front of us.

intransitive verb present participle ramming past tense, past participle rammed

  • to ram into something/somebody
    estrellarse or chocar contra algo/alguien

Phrasal verbs

ram home

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
1 (Military) 2
hacer entender
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There are 2 entries that translate ram into Spanish:

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  • 2American English: /ræm/
    British English: /ram/
    (in UK)
    Royal Academy of Music
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