There are 3 translations of rank in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ræŋk/


  • 1 c (line) fila (f) to break ranks romper* filas to close ranks cerrar* or estrechar filas a family should close ranks at a time of crisis una familia debe mantenerse unida y solidaria en los momentos difíciles to reduce sb to the ranks [Mil] degradar a algn General Sánchez rose from the ranks el General Sánchez empezó como soldado raso there was some disquiet in the ranks [Mil] había cierta inquietud entre las tropas to join the ranks of the unemployed pasar a engrosar las filas del desempleo or (Esp tb) del paro
  • 2 c u (status) categoría (f); [Mil] grado (m), rango (m) the rank of captain el grado or rango de capitán officers and other ranks (BrE) los oficiales y la tropa to be above/below sb in rank ser* de rango superior/inferior a algn, estar* por encima/por debajo de algn (en rango or jerarquía) a writer of the first rank un escritor de primera categoría or de primera línea people of all social ranks gente de todos los niveles sociales to pull rank on sb she's not the type to pull rank on anybody no es de las que abusan de su autoridad or hacen valer sus privilegios
    More example sentences
    • The school system prepares an officer for success at the tactical and operational levels and to serve in positions of a strategic nature at the rank of lieutenant colonel and above.
    • I can think of nothing finer to do for this general officer today than promote her to the rank of major general.
    • He also was a 29-year veteran of the military and held the rank of warrant officer in the U.S. Army Reserve.
    More example sentences
    • He was not within the leading ranks of borough society and performed his citizen's duty only through one stint as chamberlain.
    • Under this complex system everyone was assigned a rank within society.
    • Position and rank within an organization mean very little.
  • 4 c (on organ) registro (m)
    More example sentences
    • With its serried ranks of beach brollies and ribbons of restaurants and hotels lining the seafront, it hardly seems the most promising venue for a music festival.
    • The grey, flinty slopes covered in the serried ranks of vineyards, gave way to the high pastures, the Alpine meadows, which nourished the famed milch cattle of Switzerland.
    • As soon as motorists get used to counting two cameras before putting their foot down, it will be necessary to install three in a row, then four and so on until the whole county is covered by serried ranks of cameras.

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There are 3 translations of rank in Spanish:



  • 1 (class) he's ranked fourth among Americans está clasificado (como el) cuarto entre los americanos I rank him alongside Brahms para mí es un compositor de la categoría or del nivel de Brahms he ranks it among the city's best restaurants considera que está entre los mejores restaurantes de la ciudad
  • 2 (outrank) (AmE) estar* por encima de, ser* de rango superior a
  • 3 (range, line) (usu pass) alinear, colocar* en fila the soldiers were ranked three deep los soldados estaban alineados de tres en fondo


  • 1.1 (be classed) estar* it ranks among the best está entre los mejores he ranks high in our esteem lo tenemos en gran estima 1.2 (hold rank) to rank above/below sb estar* por encima/por debajo de algn, ser* de rango superior/inferior a algn a high-/middle-ranking officer un oficial de alto grado/de grado medio
    More example sentences
    • The playing field is now upgraded with a drainage system and re-turfed to rank among the best in Colombo.
    • You are able to receive special interest rates that have consistently ranked among the highest in the nation.
    • But the true of measure of its success is its efficiency, ranked among the best in the world.

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There are 3 translations of rank in Spanish:



  • 1 (before n) (complete) [beginner/amateur] absoluto; [injustice] flagrante
    More example sentences
    • And when taken to extremes, such as at these schools in Kirkland and Puyallup, political correctness sinks to the realm of rank stupidity.
    • Please, let's not kill the spirit of the season with rank stupidity.
    • The point about the market is that it is not only immoral - or rather amoral - it is also capable of rank stupidity.
  • 2 (overgrown) the garden was rank with weeds el jardín estaba invadido por la maleza

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