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American English: /ræp/
British English: /rap/

Translation of rap in Spanish:


  • 1 countable (blow) there was a rap at the door
    se oyó un golpe en la puerta
    I don't care a rap [colloquial]
    me importa un bledo or un pepino or un rábano or un comino [colloquial]
    knuckle 1
    Example sentences
    • A sharp rap at the door of the dressing room broke the two out of their romantic interlude.
    • Three sharp raps at the door interrupted his speech and Ben looked helplessly to Marie.
    • A sharp rap at the door made the quartet's heads turn simultaneously toward the door.
  • 2 (no plural) (US) [colloquial] 2.1 (criticism)
    Example sentences
    • Removing him for this game serves the dual purpose of delivering a sharp rap to him as he searches about for his best form and adding some extra strength to Kerry's attack in Liam Hassett.
    2.2 (conviction) to pin a rap on somebody
    endilgarle las culpas a alguien
    acusar a alguien
    to take the rap for something
    cargar con la culpa de algo
    to beat the rap
    quedar impune
  • 3 3.1 uncountable (chat) [colloquial] we had a rap about old times
    estuvimos de cháchara rememorando los viejos tiempos [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • He's pretty quiet at the hall meetings and the rap group sessions.
    • So whenever Hilary has any of her cronies over, I have to suffer through a rap session blaring from her room.
    • In a calm, cool, and extremely friendly way, hold a rap session with your dancers and their parents.
    3.2 countable and uncountable (Music)
    Example sentences
    • Both fans of techno and fans of rap music should enjoy this album.
    • She was listening rock music and rap from a small black radio that was next to her.
    • The book is well written, carefully researched, and nicely organized, and its study of the early origins of rap is fascinating.
    Example sentences
    • Big Boi's raps are, as always, inventive, the words tumbling out with speed and bite.
    • Their raps may be blazing, but the melodies deliberately evoke early Beach Boys memories.
    • Vordul's verse is uninspiring and sounds much more like spoken word poetry, rather than a proper rap.

intransitive verb present participle rapping past tense, past participle rapped

  • 1 (knock)
    dar un golpe
    to rap at/on the door
    llamar a la puerta
    Example sentences
    • At that moment Peach looked their way and rapped on the table with a jeweled rod.
    • Pat anxiously rapped on each of the windows, concerned that occupants of the home might have been trapped inside.
    • When the man didn't seem to notice, Joey rapped on the counter hard.
  • 2 (chat) [colloquial]
    cotorrear [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Jean Grae responds, and then she raps about baseball, sounding like a natural.
    • Just call her up to rap about it.

transitive verb present participle rapping past tense, past participle rapped

  • 1 (hit) he rapped my knuckles
    me pegó en los nudillos
    he rapped his gavel for silence
    dio unos golpes con el martillo para que hicieran silencio
    knuckle 1
  • 2 (rebuke)
    llamar al orden
    Example sentences
    • At the 1998 Nagano Olympics, he was rapped by Bazay for criticizing the selection of freestyle skier Jean-Luc Brassard as Canada's flag-bearer.

Phrasal verbs

rap out

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
dar en tono brusco
so did you, he rapped out
—tú también —le espetó
we used to rap out messages on the pipes
nos mandábamos mensajes golpeando las tuberías
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